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Performances Like Manu Ginobili’s in Game Six Are Permanently Painful
June 19, 2013

by Kent Sterling Every professional athlete has a moment when he realizes he can’t do what he once did – that the physical gifts that once seemed so much a part of his DNA have eroded to the point where he is now a liability to the team that once counted on his skills. That […]

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan in Finals – Not Even Close
June 12, 2013

by Kent Sterling Talk radio hosts need to talk about something during the off-season, so there are inevitable discussions comparing players of different eras, because LeBron James is the best player since Michael Jordan, those two are examined. Last night, as I watched the San Antonio Spurs destroy the Miami Heat, I thought about two […]

NBA Finals – Five Reasons to Watch Even Though You Don’t Care Who Wins
June 6, 2013

by Kent Sterling Let’s face it, without a rooting interest the NBA Finals are terrible television.  The last 90-seconds of a close game can take almost a half-hour, and there is so much physical contact the referees can justifiably call fouls on every possession. The Miami heat host the San Antonio Spurs tonight in Game […]