Zacky’s Hot Dogs in Carmel Re-opens

by Kent Sterling

There is something about a friendly guy who opens a hotdog or ice cream place that draws me in.  I become a fan of the little guy dueling the giant chains who shakes your hand when you walk in because he appreciates your business rather than because someone is paying him $7.25 an hour.

At Zacky’s, you meet Zach and his family who treat you like a guest rather than a necessary evil or source of interruption.  They make great hotdogs at Zacky’s, so even without the honest politeness you would return because it’s hard to get a great dog in Indianapolis.

A few months ago, a fire at an adjacent Dunkin Donuts caused smoke damage throughout the building Zacky’s calls home.  They finally re-opened on Tuesday.  They continue to wait for the delivery of a sign that will show customers where it is.

Right now, it’s a little like a cool private club where only people who are told what’s behind the secret door know to walk in.  I’m sure Zach would prefer that everyone know where his place is, but for customers willing to work a little bit to find the place, the solitude and excellent food is worth it.

Zacky’s is located in what appears to be a building under construction with sheets of plastic in front of it between KFC and a bank on the east side of Rangeline Road just south of Carmel Drive.  You are going to drive by and  think, well it can’t be in there.  Once you think that, you’ll know you’re there.

The address is 1315 S. Rangeline, for those of you with GPS.  When you walk in the staff will greet you, smile as they take your order, and make you believe that you being there matters to them – because it does.

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