Butler’s Brad Stevens, IndyCar’s Justin Wilson, & Purdue Recruit Ronnie Johnson on “Ahead of the Curve” with Hagan & Sterling Saturday 9a-11a on 1070 – the Fan

by Kent Sterling

To be honest, it’s a hell of a lot easier to book guests for two hours a week than 15, so Chris and I put together a stellar lineup week after week, and this morning’s show is no different.

Brad Stevens will talk about Shelvin Mack’s NBA Draft eligibility and adding former IU guard Michael Lewis to his staff.  Stand-up comedian and horse racing expert Mark Klein will giving specific tips for betting $100 to win a hell of a lot more than that on the Kentucky Derby.  Ronnie Johnson will call from the Run ‘n’ Slam summer tournament in Fort Wayne to tell us why he chose Purdue.  And Justin Wilson will help us get ready for a month of action at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

That’s a full show, but we’ll also hit on why hosting a radio show is a hell of a lot more fun than running the mini-marathon, as well as the Pacers future – Larry Bird and Herb Simon will meet on Tuesday, and out of that meeting the Pacers will more in a very specific direction.  Frank Vogel interviewed with the Houston Rockets for their vacant coaching position, so there isn’t any moss going under him.

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I’ll also talk about Dick Stockton’s future in broadcasting, as in I hope there isn’t any.

All that and more on “Ahead of the Curve” with Hagan & Sterling this morning just as it is every Saturday on 1070 The Fan.  If you are in Indiana, turn the radio dial to 1070 AM, and elsewhere by clicking to listen at http://www.1070thefan.com/listen/

I’m less and less nervous about each show, and more and more excited – if that makes any sense.  More importantly, my wife isn’t nervous anymore, and that means she has confidence in my ability to talk for two hours without stepping on my johnson, and that’s a step in the right direction.

She never went all Gladys Kravitz on me – yelling about what an idiot I was, but there were times when I did a show on WIBC where she looked exceptionally sad when I came home.  That was a show about dating that was such a disaster that I flipped the format and decided to break people up instead of introduce them.  Not exactly an apples to apples comparison, but I don’t like to see the sad face at all.

I had a guy I respect tell me today that I’m best when not agitated, but there are things about sports that get under my skin, and when we hit those topics, the tone of my voice rises a little bit, and my pulse quickens.  I also start to gesture a little wildly when perturbed which is wasted energy as no one can watch the display except Chris and Tyler our producer.  Chris always looks a little stunned, but he knows I’m not coming after him, so it’s fine.

We’ll keep working at it.  Join us this morning at 9a for two hours that fly by – at least for us.

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