“Ahead of the Curve” with Hagan & Sterling Returning June 1 to 1070 the Fan

by Kent Sterling

UnknownTwo years to the day since half of the most dynamic duo in Indianapolis radio since WIBC’s Kwesell & Crawford called it quits to take a job in St. Louis as program director of 101ESPN, Emmis Communications is proud to welcome back “Ahead of the Curve” with Hagan & Sterling beginning Saturday, June 1st from 10a-1p on 1070 AM and 107.5 FM.

This is great news for men who love listening to two guys yammer away incessantly about sports as they mow the lawn or run errands for their wives.

Whether this is better news for Chris and I or Indy’s dedicated sports fans is debatable.  As a program director, I have always told talent to make the time during the show the best of your day.  When we did the show in 2011, the time every Saturday with Chris was some of the best of my week.  I loved doing the show – absolutely loved it.

Chris knows a surprising amount about sports, and he’s a great guy.  There are a lot of media guys who treat covering sports like raking leaves – my least favorite chore.  Chris still finds joy in them.

I can’t wait to get started.

Three things you can count on every Saturday at 10a – great guests, commitment to a perspective about everything you’re interested in, and some laughs at our own expense.

As we book guests, and assemble the show, I’ll share where we are.  Every Saturday, you’ll get a well-organized and fun show about sports.

Some people treat talk radio like drudgery, when it’s actually a dream.  One of the last things I did in St. Louis before coming home was co-hosting “Sportscaster Factor” on 101ESPN.  There were three preliminary events where all who wanted to audition were given a righteous opportunity to show their wares.  The fourth event was a two-hour finals with the winner earning a weekend show on the station.  We saw over 200 people who were so damn excited about the opportunity they shook.

The process of selecting a winner reminded us that working in talk radio is a gift.  Chris and I will be lucky as hell to share the studio every Saturday, and we know it.

You might disagree with us, think we’re asses, or get annoyed by our laughter, but one thing you won’t have any doubt of is that we are enjoying the hell out of ourselves.

See you next Saturday.  Can’t wait!

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