Ahead of the Curve Today Might Be All-Time Best

by Kent Sterling

UnknownThe idea is to get better every week.  That what Chris Hagan and I attempt on “Ahead of the Curve” (Saturdays 11a-1p on 1070 the Fan/107.5 FM/1070thefan.com), and each week I believe we have succeeded.  That might have something to do with our lack of satisfaction with previous work, but regardless with Jeff Saturday and Mayor Greg Ballard as guests, the stadium can’t hold this one.

Indianapolis is bidding for another Super Bowl, and while strickly speaking that’s more a news story, the change in level of respect city leaders have it itself is very interesting.  We have gone from a place that was thrilled to welcome people driving from Chicago to Florida as prized visitors to knowing that Indy can be a rotational Super Howl host.  That’s worth talking about with the Mayor.

Jeff Saturday is becoming a media star on ESPN, and who has two thumbs and knew 13 years ago it would happen?  This guy!  Three things I want to know from Jeff – how’s life on the dark side, how’d he lose all that weight that damn fast, and what’s it like one season removed from being a Colt watching a team with only a handful of former teammates?  And by God, find those things out we will!

Indiana has a quarterback controversy, but it’s not really because the coach likes all three equally and the three guys love each other too.  It helped that Indiana scored the most points in its history since a 1901 76-0 waxing of Franklin College.  Don Fischer will recall the thrill of calling that game via megaphone 112 years ago when he joins us.  I’m kidding, but for a guy who’s been on the job at IU for more than four decades, he is the fittest man of all time. Actually, we’ll hear QB Nate Sudfeld’s thoughts on the three-legged stool that is Indiana’s quarterback situation.

In the Boiling Point, Chris and I will vent about all manner of things, but I will share an audio clip of the most insipid and idiot line in the history of film.  It was on the Movie Channel this morning, and comes from a mainstream movie starring Jennifer Garner.

Lots more to pack into the best two hours of my week from 11a-1p today on 1070 the Fan and 1070thefan.com.  As always, if you miss the show, the interviews will live right here shortly after they are complete on the air.

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