Jeff Benedict – Co-author of “The System” Talks About the Reality of College Football

by Kent Sterling

UnknownOf all the work being done to expose the sham of amateurism in college football, “The System” is the most exhaustively researched and best executed.

The book will be released Tuesday, and co-authors Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian did magnificent work in revealing what really goes on on the campuses of big money college football programs without passing judgment.  Judgment is our work as we consume the results of the stories they tell of cash offers for recruit, well-meaning hostesses breaking rules at the insistence of a coach, how Mike Leach was railroaded at Texas Tech, and other fascinating stories of administrators taking the easy way out to stop the noise created by the media.

Benedict joined Chris Hagan and I this morning on 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis to talk about the book and his thoughts on the current state of collegiate athletics.  He was a very good guest, and “The System” is a very good book.


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