Washington Redskins Trade for RG3 Will Pay More Dividends for St. Louis Rams

by Kent Sterling

So far, it's been RG3 for a whole bunch of guys.  If the Redskins keep losing, the rewards reaped by dealing the #2 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft could double - or more.

So far, it’s been RG3 for a whole bunch of guys. If the Redskins keep losing, the rewards reaped by dealing the #2 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft could double – or more.

The Rams felt pretty good about quarterback Sam Bradford, so they dealt the number two pick in the 2012 NFL Draft to the Washington Redskins for the sixth pick and a second rounder that year, and the first round picks in 2013 and 2014.

That looked like a good deal at the time for both teams, but the continued deals to amass more picks and the recent implosion by the Redskins could make this trade the gift that keeps on giving for the Rams.

If the season ended today, the final pick bequeathed to the Rams in exchange for RG3 would be the #2 overall pick, and it could easily become the top pick if the Houston Texans pick up a win during the last three weeks of the season.

That would bring the bounty for the Rams to the #6 and #39 picks in 2012, the #22 pick in 2013, and the #2 selection in 2014.  All but the #39 pick in 2012 were subsequently dealt for additional picks that represent a significant portion of their current roster.

If the Redskins simply maintain their spot at #2, the Rams could parlay that selection into another deal that will reap similar benefits.  Given their own mediocrity this season, the Rams are looking at two top ten picks in the 2014 draft that could easily become two top five picks.

For the last two years, the Rams have been the youngest team in the NFL, and they are likely to have access to additional youth with the picks available to them in the 2014 draft.

The decision that looms for the Rams is whether they will continue to indulge in the fantasy that supposed franchise quarterback Sam Bradford will become the type of on and off field leader needed for the team to take a leap to the next level.  Before Bradford tore his ACL at Carolina, he had never proven himself able to win in the NFL, and it’s not likely that after a knee injury he is going to improve.

Would the Rams go after a quarterback like Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, or Johnny Manziel to turn the page on the Bradford era, despite salary cap hits for Bradford of $17.6 and $16.6 million over the next two seasons.  Bradford’s was the final non-slotted overall #1 pick, and as a result, the Rams continue to pay dearly for what appears to have been a mistake.

It’s not that Bradford is a total bust, but there is something missing with the guy.  He is a bit of a loner whose missed reads caused the offense difficulty moving the ball for his first three seasons.  Bradford was better this year, but still not the kind of quarterback who can be projected to lead his team deep into a postseason minus a dominating defense.

The Redskins self-immolation has given the Rams a chance to acquire one more dominant player, or parlay it into a multiple contributors.  Regardless, the Rams have proven the excellent logic of trading with a team run by a meddlesome owner.  In trades, it’s rarely the intellect of the general manager that determines the success or failure of the deal; it’s a matter of finding saps unable to see the folly of their own decisions.

In poker, success or failure is not determined by the quality of the cards nearly as much as the quality of the other players at the table.  Trading the number two pick wasn’t the move that proved the Rams smart in the RG3 deal.  It was the fact they chose the Dan Snyder run Redskins as their quarry with whom they made the deal.

As the Rams continue to develop and mature, the wisdom of this trade will become more and more obvious, as will the continued idiocy of the Snyder regime in Washington DC.

13 thoughts on “Washington Redskins Trade for RG3 Will Pay More Dividends for St. Louis Rams

  1. marv

    I don’t really agree with you on Bradford. There will never be a fare assessment of this guy until he has a more solid group around him.

    1. kentsterling Post author

      I’ve watched him up close, and often – both on the field and off. It’s possible I’m wrong, but if I am likely to be right about anything, it’s about leadership and how players fit together.

  2. tooearly

    Go ahead make fun of the skins for taking a chance and risking it all, but your a fool if you think the book is closed on rg3 and the rams at 5-8 haven’t exactly done much for their so called winning in the draft…at least the skins had a nice season last year with their deal, let me know when the rams have a winning season.

    1. kentsterling Post author

      Most of the evaluation for the RG3 trade is still to come. If the Skins continue to tank this year, and the Rams net the #1 overall pick, suddenly another series of trades is possible for the Rams to net perhaps as many as ten more players to add to the six or seven who came during the first two drafts affected by the trade.

      That would send the trade into another stratosphere.

      The Rams are a quarterback away from being a Super Bowl championship contender in 2015.

    1. Dave

      I’ll be back in a year to see if you are still making this claim. What an idiotic thing to say after year 2.

  3. marv

    I agree 2015-16 could bring a Super Bowl to ????Rams, but not a new quarterback. What they need is interior offense linemen who can control the line of scrimmage and give consistent pass protection, They need at lest one safety and corner who can both cover and consistently tackle; add to that, a top defense tackle and linebacker alone with more experience and maturity. If all that could happen and it could then the Rams will well be the team to beat in the NFL.

    1. kentsterling Post author

      When they brought Harvey Dahl and Scott Wells to St. Louis, the Rams thought most of their interior line woes would end. Not sure who could be better. Chris Williams is a worthwhile experiment. They need safeties, and a corner – that’s for sure. But unfortunately, the need a quarterback too. Bradford has neither the demeanor or ability to read coverages that will allow a team he leads to play in a Super Bowl.

      1. marv

        The Rams need a quarterback alright, a BACK-UP. Bradford has both the demeanor and the ability in spades to to be a top five NFL QB. I’am not going to argue this point with you any longer. Your entitled to your strong opinions and I respect them but I categorically disagree. This kid wants to win and has plenty of guts and brains to get it done, end of story. Kent, let’s let time tell the truth. You have a great blog going here my friend. We are both hard headed and believe in what we FEEL. If the truth be know, I’ll bet we are much more alike then different. I can tell you have passion for this great game and you are certainty a smart guy. I’am very loyal fan of the Rams, big surprise. Fisher is a great coach, I feel he well get this right and by the way, he his totally committed to Sam. The only thing about Bradford that hurts the Rams is his contract. I’am not sure who your team is maybe the
        skins but I’am sure your a great fan. Let’s keep this going, Kent I well support you and blog all I can.

        Your friend, Marv Larson

        1. kentsterling Post author

          Thanks, Marv. I appreciate your kind words. I really don’t have a team. I live in Indianapolis and appreciate the way the Colts operate, but spent the last two years as the program director for 101ESPN, the flagship pf the Rams Radio Network. I traveled with the team to road games in 2011 and 2013. I stood on the sidelines for several games, and have paid particular attention to Bradford.

          I watched every snap taken by Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, and while it’s unfair to compare Bradford to the guy who will likely go down as the best QB in NFL history, but I would be interested in hearing which of the top 15 quarterbacks he would bump from the list.

          1. Marv Larson

            Manning has to be near the top at the very lest in the top five. I just don’t see any weakness in his game. Leadership, skill, football intelligence, wining in regular season, play off success. He just might be the most complete QB to ever play!


          2. Dave

            He didn’t say top 15, he said top 5. Which of course is crazy talk is what that is. Sam Bradford has had few weapons but he has also shown nothing that would lead us to believe that with better help he could be a top 5.

            I’m a Jeff Fisher fan too but 6 winning seasons in 19 years, a sub .500 playoff record, and no rings is nobody’s definition of “great”.

          3. kentsterling Post author

            Correct. He said top five. I asked which of the top 15 he would bump. I was trying to make it a little easier for him. There is no one in the top five that Bradford even approached before tearing his ACL. Asking which of the top five Bradford would replace is forcing Marv to be wrong – really wrong. Maybe a reasonable case could be made for bumping an Andy Dalton type QB, but not Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Luck, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Kaepernick, Newton, or Wilson. That leaves Bradford outside the top 10.

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