Indiana Basketball – Collin Hartman on the Indiana Culture and the Difference Between Cathedral HS and IU

by Kent Sterling

Collin Hartman is a very thoughtful and honest young man, and that makes him a great interview.  That he’s a freshman for the Indiana Hoosiers makes him someone that people want to hear from.

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There is no question that college basketball requires a different level of effort and commitment.  Working at your game 40-50 hours per week just isn’t possible in high school, and in college it’s mandatory.

Yes, there is a 20 hour limit on organized work that is mandated by the NCAA, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of time student-athletes are willing to work on their own.

Hartman is learning to play among those who are just as gifted as he is – and in some cases more gifted.  That’s a tough transition for kids who have always been the best player on his team.  It requires maturity and faith, and Hartman seems to be handling that just fine.

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