Indianapolis Colts hit what they hope is bottom in 30-14 loss to Chiefs

Today's Colts loss was best viewed from a distance to avoid the stench.

Today’s Colts loss was best viewed from a distance to avoid the stench.

The Colts win ugly, and lose uglier.  Today, they lost the the Kansas City Chiefs 30-14 in a game where the team that backpedalled the slowest won the race – again.

Today’s loss to the Chiefs was virtually without redeeming value.  Turnovers, drops, penalties, and an extended Nick Foles sighting made this yet another game to forget in what is becoming a forgettable season for the Colts

When two mediocre teams battle, turnovers will usually seal the deal, and that’s what caused separation go toward the Chiefs.

Colts QB Andrew Luck effective in spurts, but was victimized again by a horrendous decision that provided the Chiefs a touchdown late in the first half.

With :42 left and the ball at the Colts 29, Luck locked in on Donte Moncrief, who was blanketed by Chiefs DB Phillip Gaines.  The Gaines interception led to a tidy little three play, 36 yard drive that ended with a Jeremy Maclin touchdown catch from soon-to-be concussed Alex Smith.

The game was over at that point with the Chiefs ahead 17-7.

The second half was as ugly as the first, and doesn’t deserve any form of recap.

These things are true about the 3-5 Colts:

  • Andrew Luck is good, but not good enough to overcome the entrenched mediocrity at most other spots.
  • The Colts have found a way to alternate losses and wins beginning in week two.
  • The trust invested by Colts coaches to catch opponent’s punts is misplaced.
  • Fans and media will continue to debate whether general manager Ryan Grigson or coach Chuck Pagano deserves more blame for the recession from AFC Championship Game participant to average at best franchise close to the bottom of the AFC South than the top.
  • Wasted first round picks in 2013 and 2014 have come with a price.
  • Former Colt and current Chief Sio Moore felt pretty good about this win.
  • The seats of both Grigson and Pagano are getting warmer and warmer.

10 thoughts on “Indianapolis Colts hit what they hope is bottom in 30-14 loss to Chiefs

  1. Joe large

    Great post and summary Kent. You’re a good writer and you work quickly. Sorry for all Colt’s fans there was nothing to speak of in the entire second half. Good work.

  2. Roger

    The defensive and offensive coaches, plus Pagano and Grigson, should all be FIRED immediately. There is no imagination in either…it’s like watching a poor college team. WHEN someone makes an idiotic play, Pagano should be all over them on the sidelines, instead of applauding them as they come out.

  3. Tom Gulley

    No, no. BRILLIANT move to let Peyton go. Because he was too expensive. So they couldn’t buy a line to protect him. Or a defense. Right.

    Broncos. 2 Super Bowl appearances. 1 Lombardi Trophy. Numerous NFL records shattered. 6-2 this year, with the backup to Peyton’s backup.

    Colts. No Super Bowl appearances. No playoff appearance last year. Looking like none this year. Luck highest paid player in NFL. Still no O-line. Still no defense. 3-5 this year.

    But the Colts were the smarter team. Really. No, really. Their genius is on display for all to see, and the “homers” that just parrot “Our team did the smarter thing” rather than deal with reality are the ones who are “right.”

    Well, if you ask them. They’ll tell you all day, if you can hear them from amidst the rubble of evidence to the contrary collapsing around them.

    GREAT Breakfast With Kent on Friday. Defense has to get to the Quarterback. Thanks. One rarely gets that kind of brilliant insight into professional football. Outstanding World Series prediction, too. I guess that leadoff homer prediction didn’t go as planned. Just like the Cubs “sweep” of the homestand. More “homerism.”

    And the Kent Sterling was super wrong train keeps on a-rollin’. But he’ll never ever see the reality.

    1. Kent Sterling Post author

      The leadoff home run by Fowler prediction was right – but five games late. The Broncos got to the Super Bowl because of their defense, not Manning.

      I’m never wrong – only occasionally misunderstood.

  4. Joel

    Quote: “The Colts win ugly, and lose uglier.” That’s the story of the season and I do not see any hope for it getting better. I thought after last week, maybe , but not now.

    Both Grigson and Pagano should be gone at seasons end. The ineptitude of the coaching staff and the reality of Grigsons moves as far as player personnel have both reared their ugly heads this season to new heights. Irsay needs to start over next year rebuilding unfortunately. Just wasting more time, that should have been resolved already if someone knew what they were doing when putting this team together.

  5. Stanley Simmons

    What do you mean mediocre?
    Under Andy Reid the Chiefs have not had one losing season and are 36 and 19 overall.
    Also the Chiefs defense since Reid has taken over, has never finished outside of top 8 overall.

  6. Stanley Simmons

    I also would like to add, that being in the AFC West, those “mediocre” Chiefs are battle tested. The now retired Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers and the upcoming Derrick Carr are worthy adversaries. Kansas City during Andy Reid’s tenure is 5 and 2 vs. Rivers; 6 and 1 vs. the Raiders. Peyton owned us until last season’s Mile High meltdown.
    These same “mediocre” Chiefs have made the playoffs 2 of the last three seasons, and if not for a miraculous comeback in 2013 by your Colts we’d have 2 playoff wins under our belts.
    Check PFF these Chiefs are ranked sixth with an overall defense of 4.
    Plus 18, in creating turnovers. Andy Reid is second in games coached and wins, behind Bill Belicheat and his Patriots.
    Mediocre? No way. We’re not sexy, we’re not the hot chick at the party, but we’re the stable and sensible friend who will be a reliable rock to lean on.
    Go Chiefs!!!


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