Kentucky confirms status as America’s dumbest state – eliminates jump ball from high school basketball

Like we need another reason to mock Kentuckians!

Just when you thought human beings could not get dumber, Kentucky has thrown its giant stack of moron chips into the center of the table.  To protect high school basketball players from COVID-19, the KHSAA has eliminated the jump ball at the beginning of games.  I’m not kidding.

To its credit, the commonwealth’s governing body for high school sports has decided to allow players to attempt to rebound missed shots without a similarly idiotic contrivance.

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With 10 players on the court simultaneously sweating, panting, drooling, and bodying up against each other, Kentuckians believe that preventing two players from bumping into one another as they leap to tip the ball to a teammate at the beginning of each game will somehow stop the spread.

I understand that COVID-19 has been a part of the cause for the deaths of over 200,000 Americans, and that respecting the need for social distancing and vigilant sanitation is critical to limiting the effects of the virus, but at some point adults need to stand up and shout “ENOUGH!”  That moment came when some boob in a Kentucky conference room rose from his seat to propose bringing an end to the opening tip of high school basketball games as a safety measure.


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