Colts QB updated odds! Purdue loses! Pacers win! IU needs toughness! Breakfast with Kent!

2 thoughts on “Colts QB updated odds! Purdue loses! Pacers win! IU needs toughness! Breakfast with Kent!

  1. Bear

    Kent, your comments about IU needing “toughness” is priceless (and wrong) . This is another example where you confuse the desire to win from the facts on the court. The same goes for Miller, too. The facts are that Trayce’s ass and Race’s ass are not big enough to keep the “likes” of players like, Cockburn and Garza, off the boards. To the extent that Miller failed to get guys with big enough asses are his fault, I guess.

    Otherwise, I think that IU has demonstrated a great deal of “toughness”, especially at the guard and forward positions. It is also important to note that Trayce and Race have stood up against players who were bigger and more physical than they are. In my mind, that is “toughness”. Defense at the these positions has led to wins. Losses have been because of a lack of focus as it relates to something as simple as foul shooting.

    If IU was able to convert 70 to 80% of their foul shots, they would be near the top of their Big Ten Division and a “Choo-in” for the NCAA Tournament. It’s that simple.

    Do you really need to “can” Miller and spend $10 Million in order to coach these kids how to shoot fouls? I don’t think so!

  2. Terry Johnson

    Once you get past Franklin,Thompson ,TJD and Galloway it is really hard to find toughness with this group. Archie Miller is soft and coaches soft ! For a guy that was a bad ass in college as a player it does not show here. This team is not getting the leadership they need to be tough ! In most sports the team takes the personality of the coach ! This coach continues to recruit non shooters even though it is apparent he does not improve players . Hard to find many on this team who have improved and that is on the coach and staff. The freshman work hard every day to become better and they want to win. He needs to play them . For example Leal shoots 500 3,s a day on his own .My grandson is at I.U. he has seen Leal in COOK Hall all hours of the day and night by himself no rebounder . And guess what it shows he is commited ! ! ! This coach continues to show zero fire and desire to win ! ! ! He has to have the largest staff of do nothing people in the Big 10 . THIS IS WHY RECRUITS CONTINUE TO GO TO PURDUE ! ! ! All they have to do is watch a game . No game time focus no taking care of the ball ,unable to make free throws or field goals. IT’S COACHING.


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