Indiana Basketball defies prudence – fires Archie Miller and eats the buyout!

What a long and arduous trip these four years have been!

I’m not stunned very often, but Archie Miller being fired today qualifies.

It seemed more likely Indiana athletic director Scott Dolson would wait for a new president prior to swallowing a $10.5 million buyout.  What if the new president values $10.5 very large over whatever success a new coach might bring?  Dolson decided such petty concerns are not befitting Indiana Basketball!

Dolson acted, and one would assume he will act again quickly to hire his man.  If he convenes a blue ribbon tribunal of wealthy gas bags to select or approve his new coach, Indiana fans could see a four-peat of nonsensical hires.

There are rumbles that Thad Matta may return to coaching at IU, but that might be indigestion after a big lunch.  Brad Stevens is always rumored because he is beloved, but that it a pipe dream.

It can’t be that IU would seek out another up-and-comer, right?

The search I most enjoyed was the one that was criticized loudly when former AD Fred Glass conducted it.  Football coach Kevin Wilson was expunged and Tom Allen elevated within an hour.  There was no kibitzing with trustees and boosters.  It was just Fred, Tom, and a new contract!

At the time, I felt cheated of the speculation, but Fred did the right thing.  Bing, bang, bong, Allen shifted offices, and the Hoosiers became a team that plays on New Years Day bowls!

Hope Dolson does the same with identical results!

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