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Nine takeaways from Colts dominating 36-7 win against hapless Jets
September 27, 2020

The Colts beat a horrifyingly bad Jets team this evening 36-7, and so their record runs to a respectable 2-1. What can we take away from the three hours of drama free football we enjoyed/endured this afternoon? #9 – Frank Gore is a hell of a professional.  At 37, while playing for the worst team […]

Colts beat Bears 29-23, but all is not well at Lucas Oil Stadium
October 9, 2016

This was one bad team beating another bad team. That isn’t all bad.  It beats losing to a bad team! For a week at least, the constant din from fans and media waiting for Colts owner Jim Irsay to finally pull the plug on the entire football operation and admit his January surprise to extend the contracts […]

Indianapolis Colts – Reports of the Colts demise greatly exaggerated; they shove it to experts with “gritty” 27-20 win
October 9, 2015

by Kent Sterling The Indianapolis Colts were expected to be faced with a lot of adversity this week. Andrew Luck shelved; Matt Hasselbeck in the ER; JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney snarling after humiliation in Atlanta; Chuck Pagano under fire; Andre Johnson looking old; Colts defense unable to pressure quarterbacks; the record for consecutive division wins […]

Indianapolis Colts Go to 1-0 with Less Than Convincing 21-17 Win Over Oakland Raiders
September 8, 2013

by Kent Sterling All the Colts who contributed mightily to the Colts opening day win over the woeful Oakland Raiders, please stand up.  If your name isn’t Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne, or LaRon Landry, sit your asses back down. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter The problems with the performance of the Colts were […]

Colts Win 20-12, and Irsay’s Tweets Had Nothing to Do With It
August 18, 2013

by Kent Sterling Jim Irsay’s tweets were no more meaningful to the result of tonight’s win at MetLife Stadium than the super fan in Eagledale who watches from the same barcalounger in his lucky and faded Tony Siragusa jersey. The Colts won for a few reasons – the defense didn’t allow a touchdown, and Reggie […]