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Indiana Pacers Game Five – Soap opera season continues tonight against Hawks
April 28, 2014

by Kent Sterling Expectations are a huge factor in building a narrative for a seven-game playoff series.  Last year, the Indiana Pacers won 49 games, were the third seed, and faced a Game Five against the Atlanta Hawks with the series tied 2-2.  This year, while in the same situation against a different Hawks team, […]

What Indiana Pacers Wanted in November is Still Right There for the Taking
April 9, 2014

by Kent Sterling If the Indiana Pacers were penalized in proportion to their level of pathetic play for Sunday’s home loss against Atlanta, they might have dropped out of the playoffs all together, but that’s not the way the standings work, so despite losing eight-of-11 the Pacers are only one-half game out of the top […]

Indiana Pacers – Are Tired Legs the Problem? Statistics Say Yes
April 1, 2014

by Kent Sterling Legs provide the power.  Arms and hands serve as the guidance system.  That’s a very basic schematic for how a basketball is shot accurately.  When the legs are tired, arms and hands bridge the power gap, and precision suffers. Strong legs are the key to making shots, and the Indiana Pacers have […]

Either Indiana Pacers Are Pacing Themselves, or They Are Limping to the Finish
March 18, 2014

by Kent Sterling In an 82-game regular season, championships are not won based upon the level of play in game 67 against a team trying to avoid losing its 21st straight. There was no way the Pacers were going to lose last night’s game against the woefully inept Philadelphia 76ers, but after coming back from […]

Indiana Pacers – Four-Game Losing Streak Will Be Meaningless in Two Months
March 10, 2014

by Kent Sterling How soon fans forget.  Sure this four game losing streak is the first in two years, but how many of you remember the end of the regular season in 2013?  It was the last time the Pacers lost five-of-six. Nothing more was wrong then than is wrong today, and they took the […]