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Indiana Basketball – More words from Bloomington as IU Athletics hopes in vain kids will suddenly listen
August 27, 2015

by Kent Sterling Unless former Indiana University president and chancellor Herman B. Wells can be reanimated, the highest authority in Bloomington has spoken on the recent spate of misbehavior authored by athletes – primarily basketball players. University president Michael McRobbie told a meeting of athletic department employees Tuesday, “What I do not want to see is […]

Indiana Basketball – Is Tom Crean evolving program toward a more “Hoosier” dynamic
June 11, 2015

by Kent Sterling Tom Crean came to Bloomington with his guns blazing and supreme work ethic careening around Monroe County at a frenzied pitch.  He was like Yosemite Sam and the Tazmaniam Devil combined into one manic whirling dervish of recruiting zeal.  There were hits and misses with kids and processes, but the one constant […]

Indiana Basketball – Are misbehaving players trying to get Tom Crean fired?
May 13, 2015

by Kent Sterling Tom Crean is employed by Indiana University to execute a number of tasks, but they each fit under the umbrella of the running most visible and powerful marketing initiative IU has available to attract attention and students. Each player and coach of Indiana’s basketball team is a high profile representative of the […]