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Johnny Manziel Beats System – Earns First Half Suspension vs. Rice
August 28, 2013

by Kent Sterling The sound you just heard was anything within arm’s reach being thrown against the walls of every building in Columbus, Ohio. Johnny Manziel will sit for the first half of the Texas A&M vs. Rice as the punishment for whatever the NCAA’s findings are in their investigation into whether Manziel was compensated […]

Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin Should Steer Clear of All Johnny Manziel Related Matters
August 5, 2013

by Kent Sterling “I am not a parent to these young men, and cannot monitor their behavior at every moment of every day.  I am a football coach, and we educate our student-athletes about compliance with NCAA rules, but if Johnny Manziel signed autographs for money I don’t know anything about that.  My focus is […]

Is NCAA President Mark Emmert for Real?
May 11, 2011

by Kent Sterling Yesterday, the NCAA hosted a bunch of media types for a day of inculcation into the grim world of NCAA enforcement.  The idea being that them folks who criticize the NCAA ought to at least know how the hell the process works. Mark Emmert has been the president of the NCAA for […]