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After LeBron James injury, cameras need to be moved off the baseline in NBA and college
June 12, 2015

by Kent Sterling Based upon the accommodations made to the ESPN during coverage of professional sports, you would think the the Mothership runs sports. You wouldn’t be far off, and it will take ESPN’s endorsement for the right thing to do done – move photographers and cameramen off the baseline during NBA and college games. […]

Miami Heat Third Wheel Chris Bosh Should Stop Talking
June 20, 2013

by Kent Sterling NBA players in Toronto are harmless.  No one pays any attention, even if they say stupid things.  Forgive me if I missed how self-impressed Chris Bosh was up in the hinterlands of the NBA Now that he has moved to Miami where microphones and cameras are everywhere, Bosh’s inane chatter is impossible […]

Hey Gregg Popovich – You’re a Great Coach, But Stop Being an Ass
June 13, 2013

by Kent Sterling Gregg Popovich is an Indiana guy who coaches a style of basketball I love, so I should like him, and I would like to.  But he makes it impossible because he has no interest in treating people like human beings. ESPN has worked hard during the NBA Finals trying to make him […]