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No need for NCAA working group – cash for student-athlete brands is fair
May 15, 2019

The NCAA announced yesterday it is forming a working group to discuss how college athletes might be able to control and monetize their likeness. I can save them some time and effort.  Just say yes.  The answer is self-evident in the utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt answer to the question at the center of the […]

Sad saga of Leticia Romero shows abuse of power college athletic reform needs to correct
May 21, 2014

by Kent Sterling Could anybody be this dumb?  That’s what I kept thinking as I read reports from a variety of sources about freshman basketball player Leticia Romero and her so far unsuccessful attempts to transfer from Kansas State University. There must be more to the story because reasonable people don’t behave like the athletic […]

College Football and Men’s Basketball – 12 Reforms I Would Enact as NCAA Czar
September 24, 2013

by Kent Sterling Athletic governance among big revenue universities is going to change, but it’s going to take time and the result might not position the NCAA to be any more effective that it is currently. Click here to follow Kent Sterling on Twitter At this point, fans are starting to pity the NCAA, and […]

Ten NCAA Reforms that Should Be Immediately Adopted, But Won’t Be
September 9, 2013

by Kent Sterling After reading the findings of several committees formed to examine and reform the mission of athletics on the campuses of large universities, my eyes and brain are weary.  The principal recommendations involved forming more committees to prompt additional gathering of perspective and data. Jesus.  If bureaucrats are good at anything, they are […]