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Alabama Suspends Block Seating for Those Who Left Game Early
October 26, 2013

by Kent Sterling When you win National Championships like clockwork, demanding and irrational behavior is tolerated.  Alabama suspended the block seating privileges of 20 student organizations Friday because they are prone to leave early during the regular blowouts in Tuscaloosa. The scores of the five home games this season have been 35-10, 31-6, 25-0, 45-3, […]

NCAA Football and College Basketball – Why Not Pay Players to Their Value?
September 26, 2013

by Kent Sterling Why is it inherently bad to pay college athletes commensurate to their value?  Other than it never being done – at least not above the table – is there any justification for not allowing basic economics to operate unfettered for athletes whose work makes a lot of money for everyone associated with […]

After Long Illness, Amateurism in College Football Passes Away
September 12, 2013

by Kent Sterling My head is spinning.  The torrent of stories about schools, athletes, and agents breaking NCAA rules just will not stop.  Everyday brings at least one bombshell, and the best of the bunch is a book by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian called “The System” that will be released next Tuesday. News of […]

Big Ten Commish Jim Delany Calls for Student-Athlete Stipends
July 25, 2013

by Kent Sterling It sounds easy, giving student-athletes a little cash each week for expenses not covered by a scholarship.  It sounds like the absolute right thing to do.  Being an athlete in college is all consuming, and having a job in the dorm cafeteria isn’t possible because of the investment of time in the […]

Tony Bosch Tops list of Top Ten Douchebags in Sports
June 5, 2013

by Kent Sterling Today on 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis, Dan Dakich talked about how Biogenesis head Tony Bosch is a “Bag”. and of course he’s right.  Hard to argue against that designation being thrown at a guy who only tells the truth when threatened by doom and ruin. The truth should be told because […]