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Indiana Basketball – So many questions from texters about IU hoops, including “Does winning mean unending purgatory under Crean?”
March 13, 2015

by Kent Sterling My smart phone was buzzing last night and continues this morning with texts from IU alums and boosters, most of whom are concerned that a win against Northwestern will mean a “stay of execution” for Tom Crean as Indiana’s basketball coach. Those texts underscore the mood regarding Indiana Basketball among those looking […]

Indiana Basketball – Additional Transfers Will Be Difficult to Justify
March 31, 2014

by Kent Sterling Rumors waft through media workrooms this time of year, and I heard one the other day that did not please me.  It’s not Tom Crean’s job to please anyone in the media.  He answers to his players and athletic director Fred Glass, but the fallout for another transfer will be far less […]

No Way Louisville Can Be Denied Tonight against John Calipari and Kentucky
March 28, 2014

by Kent Sterling With every word out of John Calipari’s mouth at the Midwest Sweet Sixteen in Indianapolis, I lost more faith in humanity.  During a time when honesty matters less and less in government and business, Calipari is setting a course for the sub-basement where truth is not acknowledged as a concept. His assessments […]

Indiana Basketball – Hoosiers Back Birthday Guarantee; Beat Northwestern 61-56
February 22, 2014

by Kent Sterling There was no way the Indiana Hoosiers were going to lose on my birthday.  It hans’t happened since Bob Knight’s final season, and runs the winning streak on February 22nd to four games. No one is looking for the Hoosiers to play otherworldly and transcendent games that redefine quality basketball.  No one […]

Indiana Basketball – Hoosiers 66-60 Loss at Minnesota Provides Yet More Questions
February 8, 2014

by Kent Sterling Why doesn’t freshman Noah Vonleh get the ball every possession, and when he gets it, why doesn’t he create offense?  This is question one on the minds of Hoosiers fans after watching Indiana fall to 4-6 in the Big Ten tonight as Minnesota fought back from a 13-point deficit to win 66-60. […]

Indiana Beats Illinois 56-46 to Put the Hoosiers Back in the Race for NCAA Bid
January 26, 2014

by Kent Sterling This was an ugly if ultimately rewarding game for Indiana as they began the second six-game stretch of the Big Ten season.  For Illinois, it was ugly and not rewarding, and signaled tap city, as Al McGuire used to say. The Hoosiers outscored the Illini 13-5 from the foul line, out rebounded […]