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New England Patriots and Robert Kraft need to man up and accept their punishment
May 19, 2015

by Kent Sterling Reports on ESPN.com suggest that the NFL and New England Patriots are involved in back channel discussions to resolve issues with Deflategate penalties.  If Roger Goodell has any authority at all over the NFL, the solution is easy for the Patriots – take your medicine or pack a lunch. Either the NFL […]

Deflategate – Patriots QB Tom Brady deserves to sit entire 2015 season for cheating
May 11, 2015

by Kent Sterling The NFL has no problem suspending players for extended periods because they get stoned, but a cheater is now expected to earn only a two-to-four game suspension for violating a rule that resulted in his team gaining a significant competitive advantage.  Yeah, that makes sense. Mirroring our criminal justice system, addicts are […]

Deflategate – Tom Brady’s agent may as well have admitted his client’s guilt
May 8, 2015

by Kent Sterling Attorneys are like magicians – everyone knows they are tricking us with sleight of speech and misdirection, but the good ones keep us guessing in wonderment. Don Yee is Tom Brady’s agent, and yesterday he pulled back the curtain as he clumsily tried to pull a rabbit out of his transparent hat […]

Deflategate – Patriots guilty, but should be punished by Colts – not NFL
May 7, 2015

by Kent Sterling Don’t get me wrong.  I hate the New England Patriots – a miserable organization that values winning over all else, and that’s why the NFL is constantly uncovering rule violations used by Kraft/Belichick/Brady to gain an unfair advantage. To very loosely paraphrase Dean Vernon Wormer in Animal House, “Believing that victory thru […]

Deflated Footballs Not About a Game, It’s About Integrity of the Game.
January 22, 2015

by Bert Beiswanger Let’s make one thing clear: No one blames the Indianapolis Colts throttling at the hands of the New England Patriots on deflated footballs. Most Colts fans and Indy media are more concerned with with coaching/personnel/in-ability to make adjustments – any adjustment – that led to the embarrassment of a conference title game. […]

Post-Season Looks Like Regular Season – Andrew Luck Covers Up Flaws
January 5, 2015

by Bert Beiswanger Let’s not sugar coat this, folks: The Colts beat an average football team Sunday. They don’t need to apologize for that – a win in the NFL Playoffs is a great win. But the fact is the Bengals came into the game without # 2 wide receiver Marvin Jones (out all year), […]