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Top 10 reasons Tom Crean should be replaced as Indiana’s head coach (Part 1 of 2)
March 28, 2016

This is the first of two lists regarding Tom Crean and the future of the Indiana Basketball program.  Tomorrow’s will provide a list or reasons coach Tom Crean should be retained.  Today’s enumerates the reasons a change should be made. There have been no NCAA compliance or academic issues to fuel talk of a need […]

Indiana Basketball – Five reasons to part ways with Tom Crean; 11-million to wait
March 25, 2015

by Kent Sterling The future of beleaguered Indiana Basketball coach Tom Crean is being weighed in Bloomington based on a number of factors.  The most meaningful is money.  And make no mistake, when decisions are made by adults, money is always the determining factor. There are other components, but plugging in the dollars usually leads […]

Time for Indiana All-Stars to stop picking on Kentucky
June 15, 2014

by Kent Sterling The Indiana All-Star basketball events are wonderful traditions, and should continue whether or not people show up to watch.  It’s great for the very best at any pursuit to assemble and create life-long memories and friendships. But let’s find another victim, can we?  The Commonwealth of Kentucky is not churning out hoop […]

Kentucky Basketball Fans Take Criticism Over One-&-Dones So Personally
March 30, 2014

by Kent Sterling “Calipari doesn’t like the (one-and-done) rule anymore than you do!” a relentless wave of Kentucky fans write in their comments to my posts critical of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari. They also write that Calipari just recruits the kids destined for the NBA better than anyone else, and to hate Kentucky for […]

NCAA Basketball – Why Early Commits Are a Good Idea
May 17, 2013

by Kent Sterling It seems illogical to talk to 14 and 15 year-olds about where they might prefer to go to college. Every week for a 15 year-old, if I remember correctly, feels like it lasts a year, and they  change their mind about what classes they want to take next semester every other day. […]