Dan Dakich – How to Clean Up College Hoops

by Kent Sterling

Dan Dakich as the head of the NCAA would please me, but likely throw a shock into the system into the carcass of the many college basketball coaches who enjoy skirting if not outright flouting the rules governing fair play.

The NCAA is a toothless hound like old Duke on “The Beverly Hillbillies”.  Without Granny threatening him with her shotgun, the dog never mustered the energy to get off the porch.  Dan’s idea would be a flame-thrower for the NCAA.

We aren’t sticklers for the one-minute time limit for the “Daily Video Minute”, and with Dan, we cheat plenty because he says interesting things in an interesting way.  He is blunt, funny, and is totally disinterested in pleasing any faction with politically correct tripe.

When he talks, people should listen.  It would be great if they listened here:

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