Indianapolis Colts Sued Over Bikini Photos

by Kent Sterling

No, Peyton Manning wasn’t photographed in a two-piece.  This lawsuit, reported by the Indianapolis Star, is over claims that a former cheerleader is suing the Colts over pictures that led to her dismissal.

Malori Wampler posed for some pics prior to being a cheerleader that showed her nude, minus some body paint over the good parts.

The lawsuit asserts that Wampler did nothing that many white cheerleaders have done before (she is Indonesian), and that because the pictures were taken prior to her signing an agreement not to create notoriety, she can’t be fired for them.

I googled “Malori Wampler bikini”, and the pic to the left is the best I could find.  Despite an exhaustive search, I found no evidence that the nude photos exist.

The most shocking piece of information in the story is that the Cheerleaders are paid only $100 per game.  What is Lucas Oil Stadium, a Mexican sweat shop/strip club?

The pay for women dancing in bikinis to BTO’s “Taking Care of Business” should at least beat the typical haul for a four-hour shift at PT’s on a Sunday night, and that’s way north of $100, or so I’m told.

Wampler wants the Colts to re-hire her, pay her the couple hundred bucks she lost during the home games she missed after her November canning, and the cost of the lawsuit.  All in, it looks like about $1,000 should shut her up.

Colts owner Jim Irsay should just feed her the answer to one of his Twitter trivia contests, and call it a day.  Oh, and get her to pony up some of those pictures.

7 thoughts on “Indianapolis Colts Sued Over Bikini Photos

  1. Neil

    Talk about cheap. As attractive as she appears in the photo, she could easily make $1500 to $2 grand a night at some of the more unseamly places around town. It can’t be about the money.

    1. Inferno Stacks

      That isn’t a painted on bikini as you can tell. The real photo has been censored so far as I have seen. Seeing if I can find the uncensored one.

  2. jcube

    This is crazy. The team hires them for there looks. Honestly what is the purpose of the cheerleaders anyway? Sure isn’t to cheer on the team, it is eye candy for the stadium full of men and side action for the players. What girl is going to spend this much time and effort for only $800 a year.

  3. Mrs Jones

    The NFL brass are full of egregious nonsense. They pay cheerleaders something like $100 a game to shake their booty and kick their legs high during slow times, while two squads of multimillionaires slug themselves silly in the name of family entertainment? Sex and violence, it sells so well. The guys get millions; the girls, what, $800/season? Can you spell “exploitation”? That’s the real point to this that seems lost to the 21st century Luddites.

    AFA Ms Wampler goes, they “exploit”, er . . hire, a former Playboy employee and ask her to do everything possible to keep the fans’ testosterone levels boiling while she wears a costume that nearly shows or suggests “everything” except her nips and “nasty”. Yet, as soon as we are reminded that she has those parts, she somehow is “morally corrupt”? She should sue for slander.

    Dear NFL, please shove this issue back inside your dark places, and choke on your own moral corruption. The only morality you have is bending over for the Almighty Dollar.


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