Finally! Indiana Posts Signature Win Over Kentucky as Good Triumphs

by Kent Sterling

Indiana Basketball beat their neighbor to the south 73-72.  You know, the one that keeps kids around for nine months and turns them loose to the NBA.  Yeah, those guys in blue and white.

This is THE win that fans in Bloomington have waited for since disgraced former coach ran the SS Hoosier into a reef of illegal phone calls that almost claimed the program for good.  Kelvin Sampson was fired, and a majority of the players left as well.

Rebuilding seemed to take forever – the last three years have seemingly lasted forever – and while the Hoosiers occasionally mustered the energy and faith needed to battle obviously more talented opponents, it was clear that more was needed to get over the hump and beat someone real.

Today, Indiana beat someone real.  Kentucky continues to benefit from the asinine age restriction rule that prohibits high school kids from being drafted despite being ready to play in the NBA, turning its basketball program into little more than a one year basketball academy like IMG in Bradenton, Florida.  Indiana recruits kids who play and study, and hopefully will earn degrees.  And they work hard.

The Hoosiers battled back to win on a three-pointer from Christian Watford as time expired after blowing a double digit lead.  Threes rained through the hoop seven straight times after Indiana started 0-for-4, and they survived turnovers caused by Kentucky’s great athleticism.

For kids who have worked their asses off for years, this win was a sweet and well-earned reward.  Anyone who has spent any time at all covering Indiana Basketball has seen the sweat equity players invested without any promise of return at all, and over 60 losses that validated any cynicism.

The most incredible attribute of these kids and coaches is the dogged belief that motivated that work ethic.  People outside the program have asked why they kept working, but it never appeared that question was asked by anyone inside Cook Hall.  Loss after loss was met with hour after hour of dedication, arduous hours of shooting and lifting, and a faith that hard work would yield a positive result.

What a positive result this afternoon’s 40 minutes of play brought.

And for Kentucky?  I suppose all talk about abandoning this series in favor of scheduling someone else will cease.  After today’s game, they would look puny and intimidated by pulling the plug on the Hoosiers.

There are three more months of hooping left for these gifted soon-to-be pros, and this loss might be the best thing that could happen.  This loss to Indiana is going to smart for awhile, and might get the attention of those who played with marked indifference at Assembly Hall.

For Indiana, the players will be fueled by having their faith validated in such a profound way.  Later in the season, when the Big Ten (12) season gets tough, they’ll be able to look back at this game to fuel more work, faith, and mayhem.

This was one game of 30-plus games for both teams, but what a game it was.  And what an afternoon for Indiana Basketball fans, who have been waiting, hoping, pining for, dreaming of, and wanting more than anything else to see electricity and significant victories return to Assembly Hall.

To the team, coaches, and administrators – congratulations.  To the student body – leave Showalter Fountain alone.  Scattering the statues around campus is for NCAA Championships only.

And to Kentucky fans – Shut the hell up, and pay off all those bets.  I await your checks, or feel free to use Paypal.

67 thoughts on “Finally! Indiana Posts Signature Win Over Kentucky as Good Triumphs

  1. carl

    We have been waiting for this win for four years, we are finally back on track and playing team ball. I have always believed in our boys and in our coach. We should look to go into big ten play 12-0!

  2. serdi

    Congrats to the Hoosiers…know it will be difficult for you to get anywhere close as a productive game as you did today the rest of the season. No way that your crowd will be anywhere close to as fanatic as it was today the rest of the year….just hope that somehow you continue to prosper so that you get to play UK in the NCAA tournament on a neutral floor.

    1. JT

      First off, I’m shocked that a Kentucky fan can put that many words together and make sense. Second, Don’t worry the crowds in Bloomington are always great. Third, I hope Kentucky is good enough to make it to the tournament. I honestly wasn’t that impressed. I thought Indiana played down to them a little. Don’t worry though, because UK should get another shot at us next year in Lexington. Good news for you too, UK will have a whole new roster and maybe they will have better luck.

      1. Chris

        Are you kidding me JT? I mean seriously… Indiana played host to “only” THE #1 team in the NATION…That’s right, and your little win dropped us to #3 in the Nation, so please don’t try and get all uppity and start thinking that we owe you bastards anything. WE ARE KENTUCKY…Nuff said! And you can bet that ass that we’ll be in the tourney and come April, we’ll be in New Orleans cutting down the nets. Enjoy that homecooking and bullshit shot to win at home because that’s likely the closet your sorry as state and basketball program will ever get to a National Title again…Better think again before bashing the Kentucky sucka..We’ll toast that ass..

      2. Chris

        Hey JT…Think UK is good enough to make the tourney now? Yeah…we just kick IU’s asses…No words now huh? Just as I would say to Bob Knight’s face, I say to all of Indiana..SUCK IT! WE ARE #1 PERIOD! You may have given us our first lost…but we gave YOU your LAST…and WE, THE UNIVERSITY of KENTUCKY, march on! How sweet it is! Dominance that is! See any spelling errors now bastard? lol

  3. Jeff

    That was fun to watch. You’re right though, they blew a big lead. If they are going to be successful in conference play, that has to end. I was on campus in 87, this was great.

  4. Neil

    Where is Austin? He and I had some disagreement concerning today’s IU/UK game yesterday. He seemed to think UK would win because they were just too talented. I said that I thought IU had a chance because they were tougher than UK. He seemed to think UK was tougher and I just didn’t understand how tough they were. IU did NOT play a great game against UK and Cody Zeller, while quite a battler today didn’t have as good a game as he could have but that will be ironed out when coach Crean “re-educates” his players that the big guy is still in there and should be used more. Although I thought Watford and Jones played way too wildly and sloppily they were tough all the way to the end. Especially for Jones it was a little bit of retribution for all the times he has had to put up with so much in terms of bad losses. I didn’t like the officiating that much. IU got their “fair share” of calls but can you imagine IU coming into Lexington and getting as many favorable calls as UK did? Again, I think it was IU’s toughness and no quit attitude that won out. It will be too bad if some these “one and done” players go on to the NBA. The “inner workings” of the new NBA contract are not open to public scrutiny yet but there may be things in there that will disuade so many players from leaving early like an end to huge money contracts. Witness the crushing of the Chris Paul trade. The small market owners are not going to play “business as usual” with the big market teams any more as they rape the small ones to stay on top. This will be a boon to college programs and hopefully put an end to huge conracts for UNPROVEN college players. Of course this getting away from the IU/UK game but this game puts it all in “perspective” as I like to say.

    1. Chris

      Lets be realistic… UK beat UK today…PERIOD! Our own inability to hit free throws, playing 7 on 4 (because TJ didn’t show up to play) or a combination of the both simply killed UK…NOT INDIANA…I give kudos for the effort and the win but this Kentucky team will go on to win a National Title and Indiana will get their jollies off at simply making the tourney field. That’s the difference in these two programs…We’ll get back to #!, no biggie there..Congrats on your 5th, yes 5th victory over UK in the last 21 games total…lol..again, enjoy! 🙂 GO BIG BLUE! See u in New Orleans!

      1. Neil

        The only lol is on you, bud. UK is young and inexperienced which IU is too although less. It is too bad so many of these players think they have to get to the NBA in such a hurry. If UK kept that group together for another year or two you might really see something. I would get used to seeing free throws go awry. Calipari teams seem to have that as an attribute. Even their best free throw shooters tend to miss when it is critical.

      2. Scott

        You are a fucking idiot. If IU hadn’t made some bonehead plays and jacked up some quick, ugly shots in those last 10 minutes, you would be sucking on a big blue 15 pt loss.

        IU pretty much dominated that game…and you were lucky as hell to even have a chance to steal it.

        TJ didn’t show up to play because he was totally shut down by Watford, who fronted hime constantly denying him the ball. But as a typcial UK fan, you don’t know shit about basketball…to think you are going to win any title with a Teague as your PG proves just how delusional you are.

        1. Chris

          again, lol… the very fact that I am a Kentucky fan says all one needs to hear to KNOW that I KNOW BASKETBALL… WE ARE BASKETBALL, Kentucky, not Indiana. Indiana got very lucky that Kentucky had the worst off day they’ll ever have and that you had the arena rocking. Really, that’s all I give Indiana credit for is the arena was tough to play in, but make NO MISTAKE: Kentucky is the only reason Kentucky lost that game and it would NEVER have happened on a neutral floor or at Rupp…So enjoy the homecooking and the BS shot cause it’s likely to never happen again. Remember, the Hossiers are 5-16 in the last 21 against Kentucky…Bragging rights? Naw, no even close.

        2. Chris

          Hey SCOTT…just thought I would touch base with you and drop a line, yeah read this and SUCK IT: Hey we just kick IU’s asses…No words now huh? Just as I would say to Bob Knight’s face, I say to all of Indiana..SUCK IT! WE ARE #1 PERIOD! You may have given us our first lost…but we gave YOU your LAST…and WE, THE UNIVERSITY of KENTUCKY, march on! How sweet it is! Dominance that is! LOL

  5. captk

    Great win for IU, that will definitely get them a better seed in the NIT. As for KY, meh, its just one loss, they’ll still be a # 1 seed and roll on to the final four.

    1. Neil

      Well if IU is “only an NIT” qualifier what does that say about UK? IU played a pretty bad game, endured pathetic officating and still came out on top. If UK’s team really looks at it this way (I don’t think they will) then look for some more.

      1. Chris

        Neil…cmon man…did you even watch the damn game? lol…If anyone got the shaft on officiating then it was definitely UK and you and all the world knows that. Momma always said home cooking is the best…Momma was right! lol..Meet UK on a neutral floor and even with the way we played tonight you leave a 10 point loser, as you are and always will be in my mind!

        1. Neil

          Yes and rewatched it. If we didn’t have Verdell we win by 12 to 15 points. Of course if we don’t have Verdell to clean up his own mess we lose too.

        2. Scott

          Chris, you are one big fool. UK had 5 team fouls the entire 2nd half…while at the same time UK was in the bonus at the 8 minute mark…but yeah, the officiating was the problem for you.

          You got dominated on both sides of the court and should have lost by 15 pts.

          1. Chris

            You think? lol..I am no fool…I am a fan and the biggest Kentucky fan on the planet…but, I am also a fan of basketball and I know basketball. The facts are these: In the books, we lost and it will always be a loss, just as the 31 wins, including 16 of the last 21, UK has against Indiana are a loss for the Hoosiers. It is what it is and it will never be changed! However, I would bet my house, car, wife, dog and any amount of money on UK against Indiana on a neutral floor, say the tourney, assuming Indiana actually gets back there. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Last Saturday’s game was a perfect formula for a major upset against the Cats. I called it…I think they were still celebrating the UNC win and took a week off after becoming KING of the WORLD in their minds. But again, if they meet again this year, know this: Indiana has ZERO, yes ZERO percent chance of winning that rematch because there won’t be another game this season where so many things go wrong for Kentucky and so many things go right for the other team…just the facts! We’re #1..PERIOD! Put the baby to bed!

      2. captk

        IU played a bad game? They played out of there F******* minds! Watford or Worford, whatever his name is, turned into Michael Jordan last night and had a career game. Don’t even get me started on the officiating.

        1. Neil

          They did in terms of effort and toughness but otherwise they could have played much better. They all but ignored Cody Zeller and Verdell Jone almost gave the game back to Kentucky. I have now watched the game three times through and I can assure you, I enjoyed the win but grimaced everytime I watched at what they could have done. They are better than that!

        2. Scott

          Yeah…..5 team fouls on UK in the entire second half…I agree the officiating was bull shit.

          As far as Watford, he didn’t play out of his mind at all. He scored 20 pts….he averaged 16 last year….so he just played to his capability. We had other players who had a horrible game…don’t get me started on Verdell Jones and his unforced turnovers.

  6. Karl

    Somewhat of a neutral observer although it never breaks my heart when UK comes up on the short end. We were at dinner in New Albany with a group of folks whom you’ve met at the Derby Party. The patrons, our table and me included, started watching the game more and more as the end approached. The last second 3 reminded me of Keith Smart’s shot in the ’87 final game. The restaurant erupted and folks were buzzing for the rest of the evening. Good pre-Christmas present for the Hoosier faithful. I’ve stated it before and I’ll take this opportunity after the win to state it again…IU did right by hiring Crean and it’s paying off. He was the one coach that I never wanted to see UofL play against in Big East play. Keep in touch and congrats to you and your fellow IU alums on the victory. Maybe we’ll see a holiday tournament or something similar develop that involves IU, UK, UofL and a forth. Maybe Purdue. Now THAT’s a tournament I’d pay to attend. Keep in touch and good read!

    1. Neil

      Good post. I get along with my UK and U of L friends but it is always good to get a win in there once in a while. I wouldn’t mind seeing IU play in that new “Yum” center. I have been by it quite a few times lately and wouldn’t mind seeing a game in there.

      1. Karl

        It will remind you of Assembly Hall in some ways. The steep, uphill seating ways! It’s a well constructed place to play and watch a ballgame and it’s already done wonders for the Louisville downtown area along the river.

  7. Pauly Balst

    Finally saw Caliparis post game interview. He was gracious and made no excuses for not fouling at the end. Likable guy.

    The talent funnel is filling, this is about to get fun again.

  8. Pete

    Enjoy this one IU fans! As a UK fan I don’t really mind the loss, but the buzzer beaters I do hate. As for the game, Terrence Jones was non-existent and Anthony Davis was virtually a non-factor. If Kentucky plays good cohesive ball, they win this game every time, but Indiana wanted it more and it showed last night. This was not a have to win game for Kentucky but I think the road atmosphere was good for them to experience. In the end, Kentucky really is everyone’s Super Bowl. IU fans have been obsessed with this game for a week and I can see why, as they have some very good overlooked talent on their team that can catch anybody off guard. If anything I don’t think Calipari had his team ready for this one, but they’ve got some scrubs coming up on the schedule that should get them back in to the rhythm of things before the Louisville game. IU folks seem to have gained a lot of confidence after this game, and rightfully so, you beat #1 and Kentucky at the same time. It’s just a bump in the road for Kentucky though. By March hopefully this will just be a minor blemish on their resume. Good luck to the Hoosiers the rest of the way and may we meet in March. If not, then til next year!

    1. Neil

      I agree with a lot of what you say. What players do on the court though is often a reflection of their coach. Calipari has had a number of teams over the years that have been terrible free throw shooters and it has cost them dearly. UK thinks they don’t need IU but I think we both need each other. When we are both strong programs it helps us both. You have to remember, IU has never had as much talent as UK. And it has to be remembered that talent, while important to be sure is not the lone qualifier for a championship level team. I hope everyone learned a lesson from Butler the last few years. They didn’t have ANY McDonald’s all americas on those last two teams that made it to the championship game of the NCAA tournament.

      1. Pete

        Free throw shooting is probably one of the top criticisms for Calipari’s teams, and it is definitely valid and one of the more frustrating aspects of his teams for me as a Kentucky fan. The Wall team a couple of years ago frustrated me to no end at the foul line. Last year was better but this year’s team seems to be going back downhill. They showed me last night that when under pressure, they are going to struggle at the line, and that honestly worries me. I agree though that when both UK and IU are good that it makes everything better. I think to win it all it takes a combination of talent, luck, and hitting your stride to go all the way. There’s no doubt that what Butler has done over the past 2 years has been special (and VCU’s amazing run for that matter) but ultimately the last decade of championships have been won by big time programs that have had superb talent. I’ll be shocked if there is a team lower than a 2 or 3 seed in the Final Four this year, although you can never rule that out now thanks to Butler and VCU.

  9. Mike North

    “Indiana recruits kids who play and study, and hopefully will earn degrees. And they work hard.”

    To all of you that have this holier than thou mentatlity, keep in mind that iu goes after the same players as UK. Marquis Teague, Mike Gilchrist, Gary Harris, Derek Willis, etc. I can only believe that there are more out there, so you are going to have to save that argument.

    Also, chew on this. Calapari improved the APR at Memphis while there. And UK and Calapari/Memphis outpaced IU in all but one year since the APR has been instituted.

    The APR ratings
    UK 974
    IU 929
    Memphis 989

    UK 954
    IU 878
    Memphis 974

    UK 979
    IU 866
    Memphis 953

    UK 941
    IU 899
    Memphis 927

    UK 916
    IU 890
    Memphis 916

    UK 922
    IU 922
    Memphis 902

    I know, I know, many of you will use the argument that Calapari leaves a program and they get sanctions. I will accept that argument because it cannot be argues againse. I will also remind you, knowing how most of you iu basketball fans are also ND football fans, Lou Holtz did the same thing at Minnesota, ND, and South Carolina. Yet he is held in such regalia by you all.

    1. Scott

      The real question is why you have such a hard-on for everything anti-IU? The APR is based upon 4 year rolling averages…so IU is still under the stench of Kelvin Sampson and his 17 F’s.

      IU had a perfect 1000 APR every year under Crean.

      1. Mike North

        Wrong Scotty,

        Crean 920
        Calipari 913

        Crean 957
        Calipari 913

        Crean 942
        Calipari 922

        Crean 1000
        Calipari 960

        Crean 981
        Calipari 1000

        Crean 975
        Calipari 980

        Crean 1000
        Calipari 979

        Crean has not been perfect. They have been very close in the APR score, Crean has a slight edge.

        My question is, why do you have a hard-on for everything that is a lie and sold to you as holier-than-thou B.S.?

        1. Kelvin Sampson

          Cool Mike, I thought I coached IU several of those years! I’m “off the hook” as they say!

          I take it reading comprehension was never your strong suit.

          1. Mike North

            If you were involved in the NCAA you would know that they do list APR’s by coach, by year. Hence, they are listed by the coach’s name.

            Anything you want to try? Please tell me you have something more or even better.

          2. Mike North

            Pretty bad if that is the best you can come up with. Next time you’ll get someone with a zinger.

          3. Mike North is a moron

            Mike North needs a break from the rigor of Jiffy Lube. This, from a UK rag:

            Here are the highlights and lowlights:

            The high GPA on the team was 3.59 (low A-, by my scale)
            The low GPA was 1.667 (low C-, by my scale)
            Four players had GPA’s below 2.0  A 1.8 (roughly C-) is required after your freshman year to remain eligible, so we can conclude that two freshmen were among the poor GPA’s.
            The next lowest in the 9 SEC schools tested was 2.15 at LSU.  Louisville had a 3.0, Kansas 2.95, Florida 2.96.
            While it is true that UK men’s basketball has had worse years and better years, because of the high profile of the UK 2009 recruiting class and the number of players who have abandoned ship early for the NBA, this news is going to draw a ton of hoots and derision from Kentucky’s rivals, and a lot of tut-tutting from academics.  It is irrelevant even if there happen to be many other programs with similar problems, this is something that Coach Cal, Mitch Barnhart, and Lee Todd need to address.

          4. Mike North

            Stay focused. Concentrate. I brought up APR, not GPA. Talk to me about APR, start a seperate comment on GPA, I will comment there.

        2. Scott

          Cal’s Cats had a team GPA of something like 2.1 back during John Wall’s year…which was I believe the lowest in the SEC (a real academic powerhouse conference). Meanwhile Crean’s team had a 3.15 GPA.

        3. Mike North knows KY has lowest GPA in SEC

          Look out Mississippi State, we want that #9 ranking! We be academics!

          Pathetic, even I didn’t realize KY was that bad.

  10. Snarky snark

    How does a KY player who takes 6 credit hours (remedial?) in the fall then leaves, compare to an IU player who takes full course loads and graduates in 4 years? How does APR account for that? Oh, it doesnt?

    1. Mike North

      Really! Who at UK does that? Who?

      You want to know why? It’s because you are making it up to help you sleep at night.

      1. Bob Knight

        In fact, I gave a speech about Kentucky players taking 6 fall semester hours, none thereafter, playing all winter, then leaving school. Its on YouTube. These people are not student athletes, and I believe the NCAA needs to reexamine its priorities.

        1. Mike North

          ESPN analyst Bob Knight apologized Tuesday after making erroneous statements over the weekend about the academic record of Kentucky’s basketball team.

          Patterson graduated last May while Miller returned for his junior season and was eligible to play all year.

          Meanwhile, Kentucky freshman Doron Lamb announced Tuesday he will return for his sophomore season.

          You hear what you want to hear and don’t even bother to follow up for facts.

          Why would Coach Knight even know how many classes he was taking?

        2. carl

          I heard knight didn’t want the job at UK because all the coaching staff seats are bolted to the ground? How about those OSU buckeyes!

  11. Len Totlan

    I am so tired of guys like Sterling and Neil ripping on Crean. We should win at least five national championships in the next 10 years with Crean running the show.

  12. Hoosier fact check, hello Mike North

    The SEC only has 2 schools that could qualify for Big Ten membership in the first place, Vandy and Florida, because to be in the Big Ten you must be a member of the AAU. Period. So Kentucky has the lowest GPA in a conference that is not, let’s say, academically distinguished. So Cals teams have 2.05 GPA at a barely accredited university. Here are current AAU members:

    Brandeis University (1985)
    Brown University (1933)
    California Institute of Technology (1934)
    Carnegie Mellon University (1982)
    Case Western Reserve University (1969)
    Columbia University (1900)
    Cornell University (1900)
    Duke University (1938)
    Emory University (1995)
    Georgia Institute of Technology (2010)
    Harvard University (1900)
    Indiana University (1909)
    Iowa State University (1958)
    The Johns Hopkins University (1900)
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1934)
    McGill University (1926)
    Michigan State University (1964)
    New York University (1950)
    Northwestern University (1917)
    The Ohio State University (1916)
    The Pennsylvania State University (1958)
    Princeton University (1900)
    Purdue University (1958)
    Rice University (1985)
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (1989)
    Stanford University (1900)
    Stony Brook University-State University of New York (2001)
    Texas A&M University (2001)
    Tulane University (1958)
    The University of Arizona (1985)
    University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (1989)
    University of California, Berkeley (1900)
    University of California, Davis (1996)
    University of California, Irvine (1996)
    University of California, Los Angeles (1974)
    University of California, San Diego (1982)
    University of California, Santa Barbara (1995)
    The University of Chicago (1900)
    University of Colorado at Boulder (1966)
    University of Florida (1985)
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1908)
    The University of Iowa (1909)
    The University of Kansas (1909)
    University of Maryland, College Park (1969)
    University of Michigan (1900)
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (1908)
    University of Missouri-Columbia (1908)
    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1922)
    University of Oregon (1969)
    University of Pennsylvania (1900)
    University of Pittsburgh (1974)
    University of Rochester (1941)
    University of Southern California (1969)
    The University of Texas at Austin (1929)
    University of Toronto (1926)
    University of Virginia (1904)
    University of Washington (1950)
    The University of Wisconsin-Madison (1900)
    Vanderbilt University (1950)
    Washington University in St. Louis (1923)
    Yale University (1900)

    Checkmate, Mike!

    1. Mike North

      What? You’re an idiot!

      AAU has to do with research institutions. Period. In review of your list you failed to see that Nebraska is not included. In addition most iu basketball fans favorite football program Notre Dame is not listed, so this is telling me that even though Delaney has come out and said he would love to have ND a part of the big10, they couldn’t because they are dumb and wouldn’t qualify? And on top of that it shows Purdue as a member effective 1958 when they are a charter member of the Big Ten, how were they able to get in then before becoming a member?

      Good god, think about it. The discussion was brought up about APR not GPA. GPA fluctuation could have many, many factors, learning disability, socio-economic of the school that they were brought up in, difficulty of the classes and so-on. I am not saying that all of these are any of these are a factor, what I will say is the APR is the bench-mark issued by the NCAA.

      1. Scott

        Why do you keep lumping ND Football in with IU BB? The only people who make that argument are Purdue fans/jackasses, just so they can lump all their hatred on to the same group of nameless people.

        I can’t stand ND football, and love to see them crash and burn every year as expected.

      2. Mike North, wrong AGAIN!

        Nebraska has been a member of the AAU since 1909, and recently lost membership, I believe earlier this year. Notre Dame Ould be the first exception, perhaps one made for the center of catholic thought in the western hemisphere. No one has been admitted into the big ten without membership in the AAU, period.

        Here is what the president of Nebraska said:

        But here’s what Perlman said about the AAU and the Big Ten shortly after Nebraska was admitted to the league.
        “All the Big Ten schools are AAU members. I doubt that our application would’ve been accepted had we not been a member of the organization.”

        You are selectively making excuses for UK.

        1. Mike North

          He also went on to say.

          We have known we were at risk of this for ten years, and successfully fought off a similar threat in 2000,” Perlman said. “I had hoped our extraordinary accomplishments and steep trajectory would have made us less vulnerable, but the AAU’s approach to the review made this result inevitable.”
          UNL joined the AAU in 1909. Perlman said UNL has ranked at the bottom of the AAU’s members for more than a decade based on the group’s ranking system, which ranks all research universities. That ranking system consists of four criteria: research expenditures, National Academy members, faculty awards (from a specified list) and citations.
          Those criteria are weighted based on the number of tenure-track faculty at a particular university. Based on those criteria, a number of non-AAU institutions ranked higher than 15 AAU institutions, including UNL, Perlman said.
          “in the short-term, an embarrassment.”

          Don’t give me this crap. So you are saying that since the B10 sold it’s soul, it’s alright. The fact that school had to defend itself in this light and it shows that the school is not up to the conferences’ standards DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT. They are not a member and that’s that.

          Also of note, Nebraska has been the only member ever to be voted out, others left voluntarily due to philosophical differences.

          1. Mike North in summary

            So in summary your point is that UK players struggle to not be at the bottom of their conference at an academically challenged university in an academically inferior conference?

          2. Mike North

            No, In summary the holier-than-thou iu fans who think that the sun rises and sets in their skinny jean pants fail to realize that iu basketball is not far removed from being the lowest scoring (APR) team on campus and in the big10 (2007-2008, 2008-2009). In no way do the teams reflect the schools in any aspect and the schools do not reflect the teams.

            Crean (sorry, you are an iu fanboi so I need to address him the only way you and other fanboi’s know how to, CTC) and iu would love to have some of the players that UK have, and in some instances, their most recent success. This dichotomy of smart vs. dumb, cheat vs. honorable, good vs. evil that is created is only to appeal to the fan base and to give themselves a sleeping aid for when the team does not win. It is the same with the iu basketball fanboi’s favorite football team Notre Dame.

      3. Scott

        Mike North…we get your point. You hate IU BB, Crean, the IU fanbase, and probably wish the entire state would dissolve.

        Go fuck yourself.

        1. Mike North

          Must have offended you with the skinny jean comment, ehh?

          Good god you are the ultimate iu sports fanboi d-bag; the minority. What problem do fanboi iu fans have with judging the play on the court, yet they always want to bring outside moral character as if they are the ultimate judge.

          Enjoy the win, don’t spoil it with BS about how they cheat and we never have…wait a minute.

          The game was everything college basketball is about. Quit being a pansy ass and drink your Cosmo (official drink of iu frats) and enjoy it.

    1. Liar liar liar

      He wanted to remain anonymous because he was LYING. No way someone calls th IU ticket office in October and buys 2 tickets for this game. That confirms the lie right there.

      However, 2 UK guys attempted to rape a young man in the bathroom after leaving a 2% tip, but the victim wished to remain anonymous.

      You are confirming you are a bunch of pathetic hillbillys.


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