Theo Pinson Commitment Day – Highlight Reels Show Combination of Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan

by Kent Sterling

imagesYou can never trust highlight reels.  If you could, a Wesleyan Christian Academy (NC) class of 2014 player scheduled to announce today at 12:15p whether he’ll attend North Carolina, Duke, Georgetown, Louisville, or Indiana today would get fans of those schools really excited.

Theo Pinson does things on the videos below that most kids could never dream of doing once on a basketball court.

Just remember as you watch that highlight reels are designed to make a player look exceptional.  No one ever misses a shot in a highlight reel.  By definition, the very best plays are included.  That’s why they call it a highlight reel.

Pinson is ranked in the top 15 of the 2014 class, and might be better than that.

I don’t write about commitments very often because frankly, I could give a damn where 17 year-olds decide to go to school.  I really don’t care whether this one picks UNC or IU (the two rumored finalists among the original five), but the highlights are so special that Pinson has me intrigued.

Take a look at the videos below, and get excited if you like, but when he spurns your school lay off him on Twitter.  He’s a kid, and can’t go everywhere.

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