Twitter Standings for Indiana Coaches & Teams

by Kent Sterling

UnknownOver the past your years, Twitter has become the way many Americans share and receive their news.  It has turned millions into pundits, and pundits into brands.  It also serves as a free and easy way to share a message for teams battling for the eyes, ears, and wallets of fans.

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There are some nice stories below, particularly the great job the Indianapolis Indians do.

So who is doing a great job of building their brand in Indiana?

Basketball Coaches

  • Tom Crean – 119,563 (Crean tweets positive messages relentlessly, and once in a while vents a bit – I like the venting)
  • Brad Stevens – 38,187 (Brad tweets once a week on average – mostly in program congrats tip tweets)
  • Mike Brey – 11,894 (Mostly innocuous stuff about the ACC and program)
  • Matt Painter – 5,829 (has not tweeted since December 9, 2009)
  • Frank Vogel – Not surprisingly, he does not have a Twitter feed – at least not one I can find)

Football Coaches

  • Brian Kelly – 92,776 (Kelly posts Irish related links, greetings, and platitudes every third day or so)
  • Kevin Wilson – 16,085 (Mostly go IU stuff, and camp information.  There are hashtags and links anywhere, so my guess is that Wilson is likely unaware that he has a Twitter account.  Either that, or he took a course on tweeting.) [ed note:  Evidently, Kevin is very conversant in tweeting and writes every tweet himself.  I was told that by Jeff Keag, IU Football SID in an email.]
  • Darell Hazell – 111 (Can’t believe this is the real account.  @CoachHazell declares itself to be the “OFFICIAL Twitter account of Purdue Head Football Coach Darrell Hazell” but no one has ever tweeted from that account, and it has only 111 followers)
  • Chuck Pagano – (Understandably, he has been a little busy%2