Hagan & Sterling Ahead of the Fastball at Victory Field

by Kent Sterling

UnknownThe Indianapolis Indians are very gracious hosts, and today they allowed by Fox 59 sports director Chris Hagan and I to take some whacks at Victory Field to determine “Ahead of the Curve” athletic supremacy.

Hagan took hopped in the cage first, and then I followed.

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I haven’t swung at a baseball since my son last played youth ball ten years ago, as you hear me explain to a couple of the Indians as I’m stroking line drive after line drive.

There was residue that I noticed during our show from the grip on Hagan’s bat as he either took shadow swings or went to a cage to get loose early this morning.

Check the video, and then vote for the better hitter in the survey below.  Don’t be swayed by Hagan actually bunting one of the pitches.  Thanks to the Indians for making this bit of fun possible on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Hagan & Sterling Ahead of the Fastball at Victory Field

  1. Kevin C

    I’m not sure what kind of maladies have befallen Mr. Sterling over the last decade, but I have been witness to his amazing ability to drive the ball with power to the opposite field in slow pitch softball. On that alone, I’m going with Kent.

  2. Matt

    You are correct, Kevin, but we’ve also been witness to Mr. Sterling being able to get himself kicked out of a game…the need to keep a complete lineup is something to consider.

    1. kentsterling Post author

      Incompetence in officiating cannot be tolerated, and I took a stand on behalf of Emmis which sent a message. Granted, we did forfeit our position in the tournament because of that bold stance, but because of that sacrifice our message resonated.


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