3 thoughts on “Paul Manziel Needs to Stop Talking to the Media About his Son Johnny

  1. MMJ

    Exactly. Based on Wright’s story (which is all i have to go by), it appears that Paul, and from what I can tell, his wife, spent Johnny’s whole life trying to be his BFF- complete with spats and gossip sessions. This is not an issue of “poor parenting”- it looks more like the complete absence of parenting. Yes, Johnny has all the talent, all the opportunity, and tons of people would trade places in a minute- but I still feel bad for the kid. I predict Paul gives the “misquoted / misleading / out-of-context” routine, in short order.

  2. f2foxes2001

    Paul Manziel is an enabler with baggage that he carries from his relationship with his own father. Cut off the money, the booze, the golf, take away the Merc and put his rear on an oil rig between now and the time the season starts. My father did the same for me and I respect him now more than ever. Johnny has written some huge checks, now its time for him to cash them and win an MNC.

  3. Hill Country

    Dear Dad
    Shut Up. Whose side are you on anyway?

    Sure hope they don’t bring this phenom down with all of these
    media fueled “crisis”. Oh Johnny drank a beer! Oh no, the world is ending! please
    What 20 year old college student hasn’t?

    Now if HE got paid for HIS autograph, well, the earth just might come off its axis. Outrage! how dare he! The NCAA imposes amateur idealism as it profits immensely

    Geez, I hope he wasn’t that dumb.


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