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NCAA Rules for Student-Athletes Are Swinging Toward Those for Whom They Should Be Written
September 6, 2013

by Kent Sterling Time magazine’s cover piece this week champions the righteousness of paying student athletes for the value they create for universities.  I’ve long thought that to exclude athletes who fill stadia and arenas from the market economy that benefits virtually every other human being in America, but that Time called for it caused […]

NFL Gets Off Cheap in $765 Million Head Injury Settlement
August 29, 2013

by Kent Sterling More than 4,000 retirees and families from the NFL will share in a $765 million settlement of a lawsuit against the NFL brought by those who have suffered long-term head trauma playing pro football. That’s roughly $180,000 each, minus the attorney fees.  If someone offered you $180K to live with dementia, would […]

How Would America Respond to NCAA Violations If Johnny Manziel Was Black?
August 20, 2013

by Kent Sterling When I filled in for Michael Grady last Thursday and Friday, Joe Staysniak and I didn’t take many calls, and there was one I didn’t take on purpose.  The call screen gave a name and the question he wanted to ask, “What if Johnny Football was black?” Click Here to follow Kent […]

Texas A&M Chancellor Says Johnny Manziel Should be Able to Cash in on Fame
August 15, 2013

by Kent Sterling John Sharp is the chancellor of Texas A&M University, and he is now my favorite bureaucrat of all time. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter Normally, university administrators like Sharp toe the NCAA company line and tend to say the right things – unless we’re dealing with former Ohio State President Gordon […]

Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin Should Steer Clear of All Johnny Manziel Related Matters
August 5, 2013

by Kent Sterling “I am not a parent to these young men, and cannot monitor their behavior at every moment of every day.  I am a football coach, and we educate our student-athletes about compliance with NCAA rules, but if Johnny Manziel signed autographs for money I don’t know anything about that.  My focus is […]

Former Troubled Young Gun Todd Marinovich Talks About Johnny Manziel
August 3, 2013

by Kent Sterling Once upon a time, there was a Sports Illustrated cover story about a high school phenom who was said to have been built as a quarterback by a doting father.  Sports Illustrated published a piece, “Bred To Be A Superstar,” that pealed back the curtain on the young stud. Click here to follow […]