Suggestion from Reader for New Purdue Video

by Kent Sterling

The commenters at are some of the most creative on the web, and they did not disappoint when offering an alternative to the effort presented briefly earlier in the week.

It uses the “This Is Indiana” as the author is a wordsmith.  Melody is not his trade (hard to go a day without a “Sling Blade” reference).  The work is excellent, but somehow I doubt Purdue students will rush this into production.

We have great respect for Purdue, it’s students, athletes, coaches, and president at, but we don’t cut funny.

Sung to the tune of “This is Indiana”

We’re from Indiana, but we are Peee-Yooo,
You likely dont care, less you’re from Tippy-cun-noo,

NCAA Champion banner, find a total of one here,
Our baller broads won one, but zero from our steers,

Heres the queer thing though, dont mean that like gay,
The coach won it all, then she left us the next day,

IU has 29 banners, compared to our one,
Don’t like to talk about that, but sure looks like its fun,

We’re from Indiana, but we are Pee-Yooo,
Basically irrelevant, but what you gonna do?

Baylor of the north, may be good but never great,
We’ll get back to our corner now, third college in the state,

Tonys! Oscars! Emmys! Grammys! Pulitzers too,
None in Lafayette, but you’ll find them at IU,

All is not lost here, with this catchy little tune,
40 some years ago, we put a hero on the moon!

We’re from Indiana, but we are Peee-yooo…..

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