Indiana Basketball – So Much for the Indecision – James Blackmon, Jr. Picks IU

by Kent Sterling

2013 NBA Players Assocation Top 100He committed, de-committed, now has re-committed to Indiana, and Hoosier Nation rejoices.

An 18 year-old made his decision to attend and play basketball at Indiana University known.  It’s ridiculous that anyone gives a damn.  Our society is doomed if this is what passes for news today.

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But before getting all holier than thou, it bears mention that I kept flipping back and forth to the Troy vs. Louisiana-Monroe game from other sports to see how close the halftime announcement was.  Now I could care less where any kid goes to school, whether he or she is going to play football, basketball, or study chemistry.

Indiana fans are thrilled, and why not.  There seems now to be a glut of players committed to IU’s basketball program, but that isn’t my concern.  Thirteen kids will be on scholarship in Bloomington next year, just like Gaiesville, Lexington, and East Lansing.  How Tom Crean gets there is his business.

Had Blackmon chosen Kentucky, I would have written the same thing.  In fact, I’m writing this as halftime coverage continues, and will fill in the particulars when he decides between the two schools.

Blackmon is a hell of a good guard, and this is a bit of a coup for Crean in that the kid said no to IU not long ago.

One thought on “Indiana Basketball – So Much for the Indecision – James Blackmon, Jr. Picks IU

  1. stuckinnjGaedenStateHoosier

    I am soooooo glad you don’t have to write — “Blackmon chooses School-X, and that’s fine by me” lol

    Society is doomed for various reasons ….. hopefully Mr. Blackmon can help hang #6 before it all implodes. Who said I don’t have my priorities in order?

    Looking forward to your followup piece.


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