NFL Combine – NFL Films Greg Cosell Talks Colts, How to Evaluate Talent, and What Johnny Manziel Needs to Succeed

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by Kent Sterling

UnknownThe problem with interviewing Greg Cosell of NFL Films is when to stop asking questions.  His depth of knowledge is extensive and his ability to process information into a unique perspective takes a backseat to no one.

Hosting a radio is show is especially fun when talking to someone from whom you can learn, and Cosell is wonderful company for that reason.  He’s also inquisitive and funny.

Fox 59’s Chris Hagan and I had a ball talking to Cosell at the NFL Scouting Combine on 1070 the Fan (Indianapolis).

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Cosell spoke about the Trent Richardson trade that will take more than what has transpired over the past five months.  Cosell is not convinced he can’t be a great back in the NFL.

He answered all questions, even my typically insipid hypothetical effort typical of the addlepated media that crowds the east entrance area of Lucas Oil Stadium throughout the weekend.  I asked Cosell, “If you were a general manager of an NFL team, would you rather have a great quarterback and mediocrity everywhere else, or a mediocre quarterback and good to great players on the rest of the roster.

To my credit, I prefaced the question by calling it terrible.  It was just so interesting to talk to Cosell that I couldn’t help myself.

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