Let’s hope Lakers tampering leads to former Pacers Paul George playing somewhere other than LA

If the NBA values justice, what is depicted in this image will never become reality.

Did the Los Angeles Lakers communicate with Paul George or his agent Aaron Mintz in a way that measures up to the NBA’s standard for tampering?

I have no idea, but the Pacers believe so.

Here is what we do know:

  • Somehow or another Mintz and his client came to the conclusion that George would leave the Pacers for the Lakers when his contract expires in 2018.
  • The rest of the NBA learned that George planned to leave for the Lakers, and the result for the Pacers was an evisceration of his trade value.

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My hope is that the NBA connects enough dots to conclude that the Lakers tampered and that part of the punishment is that they are prohibited from signing the all-star forward.

At some point, self-important brands who play basketball need the world to rise up and recalibrate their way-too-generous self-immersion, and maybe that moment has come for George.

It’s not that I dislike George or resent his desire to play for his hometown team.  I don’t.  He’s a nice guy, who through surrounding himself with yes-men has come to the conclusion that he belongs among elite company and has acceded to a position of incredible global importance because he is good at basketball.

Justice occasionally demands a recalibration of priorities, and I hope that the best laid and possible illegal plans of the Lakers and George have opened a window far enough to allow for one.

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Rules don’t count for self-important professional athletes very often, but every once in awhile a ruling is issued that reminds sports franchises they are businesses and that stars are human beings first and brands second.

Hopefully, this is one of those times.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s hope Lakers tampering leads to former Pacers Paul George playing somewhere other than LA

  1. JeBron Lames

    This is the most stupid article I’ve ever read. Every team in the NBA tampers, or at least indirectly. What’s the difference between Magic making some jokes on a talk show to Draymond Green outright texting Kevin Durant and saying “we need you”?

    1. Brad

      STUPID ARTICLE about a local guy who knows nothing more than colts and pacers, and that is why he is not National.

    2. Straightened Record

      No difference at all — the moment that Draymond has the power to offer a contract and negotiate salary as team CEO. The moment a team executive impacts the value another team can receive for a player they have under contract and hope to re-sign…he has tampered.


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