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Chicago Cubs disposal of commemorative bricks reveals soullessness and duplicity
May 28, 2015

by Kent Sterling Can the business wing of the Chicago Cubs do anything right? When Cubs fans bought inscribed bricks that would “forever” surround Wrigley Field with messages of love and memories, they believed the bricks would be there for generations. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter They lasted less than 10 years, and […]

A-Rod deserves whatever treatment the fans decide to lavish upon him
February 18, 2015

by Kent Sterling Not enough.  Not nearly enough.  A handwritten apology might work for a fourth grader expressing regret to a girl he decided not to take to the school dance, but not for an adult who is supposed to be the face of a historic franchise. Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Berra, Mantle, Ford, Munson, Jeter, […]

Bud Selig’s $6M annual retirement salary an insult to logic and the middle class
December 19, 2014

by Kent Sterling Millions of Americans scrimp to stuff a little cash in a 401K so they don’t need to panhandle in their old age.  Soon-to-be former baseball commissioner Bud Selig has no use nor need for a 401K as Major League Baseball is going to pay the 80-year old $6-million each year in perpetuity […]

White Sox Making Noise at Winter Meetings
December 9, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger A few weeks ago, I mentioned to some folks that the Chicago White Sox needed to be careful not to waste these years. The White Sox have some of the best deals for star players in baseball with Chris Sale (third in Cy Young voting) and Jose Abreu (fourth in MVP voting). […]

Joe Maddon to Chicago Cubs – How a simple hire turned me stupid … again
October 31, 2014

by Kent Sterling As I gave my personal ticket representative my Visa number over the phone, I heard my Dad whisper all the way from heaven, “What are you, a moron?” The Chicago Cubs are on the precipice of hiring a transformative figure in their history, and suddenly I reverted to the hope-tainted wretch I […]

Joe Maddon to the Chicago Cubs has my hope-meter spinning wildly
October 30, 2014

by Kent Sterling As a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, I have learned not to indulge in the last emotional refuge of the truly pathetic – hope. “Life in hope; die in desperation,” is a quote that should be spelled out in the ivy on the Wrigley Field outfield wall that Bill Veeck planted 75 years […]

World Series delay highlights Bud Selig’s shortsighted cash-first leadership
October 21, 2014

by Kent Sterling Momentum should build to a frenzied crescendo through the end of a regular season and throughout the postseason of a major league sport.  The five-day delay between the end of the NLCS and the beginning of the World Series has reduced the enthusiasm over this season’s Fall Classic to near zero outside […]

St. Louis Cardinals – Four straight years to the NLCS while flipping roster
October 8, 2014

by Kent Sterling Either the San Francisco Giants or St. Louis Cardinals will represent the National League in the World Series as they have every season since 2010.  That’s not surprise.  It also seems as though the St. Louis Cardinals playing in the National League Championship Series is a birthright. This is their fourth consecutive […]