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Henry Aaron dies at age 86 – he was and will always be the GOAT
January 22, 2021

Henry Aaron represented two things throughout his long baseball career and longer life – excellence and dignity. Dignity is a word that is not thrown around much these days.  Loud and flashy athletes are everywhere, and national media loves devoting time to them.  We had a guy here in Indianapolis until recently who wanted to […]

Tony La Russa eager to re-litigate his 1986 departure from the Chicago #WhiteSox
October 15, 2020

No matter how successful we become, those moments of disappointment when we were unjustly spurned by an employer nest forever in our psyches.  They might crush or motivate us, but they will always be there, and the opportunity to prove management wrong will remain difficult to resist. Such is the case with Hall of Fame manager Tony […]

Joe Kelly lays out the truth against the Astros in podcast
August 13, 2020

Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly is now my favorite baseball player – ever. It’s not because he threw at members of the Houston Astros as retaliation for cheating the game during the 2017 season – a year they won the World Series – but because he laid out the reasons for his actions so strongly while […]

Time for fans to refuse to be ignored – and boycott Major League Baseball
June 17, 2020

It’s time to take back our game.  Baseball has dicked around long enough with our hearts. When baseball resumes, keep your money in your pockets.  Hold baseball owners and players accountable for their indifference to you by refusing to line their pockets with your cash. For the history of our national pastime, owners have assumed […]