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While NBA, NFL, and MLS prepare to ball, Major League Baseball continues to bicker
June 10, 2020

Baseball is wearing me out through its apparent indifference to fans, but I likely won’t feel a lot better about it when they finally start playing. The MLB Players Association made a counter offer yesterday to the owners counter offer, and so it will go until finally commissioner Rob Manfred orders players back for a 48 […]

Top seven quick fixes for what is broken in the NBA
July 6, 2016

  I’m here to help.  That’s what I do. Solving problems requires two steps, identifying them and correcting those rules or systems that are their cause. The NBA is not broken.  Its robust revenue generation is causing the salary cap to explode over the next two seasons.  That success is so profound it is providing […]

NBA commissioner Adam Silver thinking outside the box – where leadership belongs
February 9, 2015

by Kent Sterling Nobody in a leadership position of professional sports voluntarily discusses gambling, despite it being the engine behind passionate interest among adults.  Few in a league office would want to anger half of his bosses by acknowledging the long held belief that the Western Conference is far superior to the East and a […]

Adam Silver enjoying fruits of easiest decision he’ll ever make as NBA commissioner
April 30, 2014

by Kent Sterling The opportunity to do the right thing and the most practical thing simultaneously doesn’t come along very often for a guy in charge, but it happened yesterday for NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is just that big a tool, and Silver has him to thank for grooving […]

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to bring down hammer on Donald Sterling today at 2p
April 29, 2014

by Kent Sterling People are outraged – players, coaches, fans, and virtually anyone associated with the NBA wants Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (no relation; his given game is Donald Tokowsky) ousted from their membership. Making the idiotic statements about African Americans represented on the recording obtained and disseminated by TMZ have made Sterling […]

NBA Draft – It Will Never Be Fixed Because the Fix Is In
March 12, 2014

by Kent Sterling No one in sports ever asks, “What’s in the best interest of the kids?” unless it’s also in the best interest of the person asking the question. In the case of the changes being proposed to NBA Draft eligibility the best interest of draftees isn’t in the same time zone as the […]