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Indiana can’t get Brad Stevens, so Dolson is left with three paths for his coach
March 22, 2021

Brad Stevens said no to Indiana several times.  The first rebuff was ignored.  We listened to the second.  At least most of us did. Some are still holding out hope that some miracle occurs, and the rejections are revealed to be an effort by Stevens to disguise his rabid interest in returning home until the end […]

Brad Stevens decides to stay in Boston – dream dies for IU
March 19, 2021

“I have a great deal of love for Indiana so I want to make sure everyone knows that but you can still so that and love where you are and do your job and be thankful for all this place has done for us.”  Brad Stevens, March, 19, 2021 So Brad has told the Celtics […]

Indiana Basketball – Is impossible dream candidate Brad Stevens actually possible?
March 15, 2021

As Indiana searches for its next basketball coach, do we dare utter the name of the perfect candidate above a whisper?  You know the guy.  The one that fits.  The golden coach. Every time the Indiana Basketball coaching job comes open, which is happening more and more often, one name tops the list of candidates above […]