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Indiana Basketball – Save your tears! Archie Miller doesn’t need or deserve them!
March 16, 2021

People are talking about Archie Miller being fired as Indiana’s basketball coach as though he has passed away and requires mourning. COVID did not get Archie.  He is not the latest cautionary tale of a young man without underlying conditions who was ravaged by the newest mutation of the virus.  He lost too many basketball games […]

Indiana Basketball hits new low in abysmal 22 minute stretch against Rutgers #iubb
February 25, 2021

Indiana was outscored 57-22 during roughly the middle half of last night’s 74-63 loss to Rutgers.  That stretch of putrid basketball may have doomed IU to its fifth straight season without an invitation to the NCAA Tournament. Facing a test that would either put Indiana inside the bubble for the NCAA Tournament or exclude them […]