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Top 10 reasons to hang on to Frank Vogel as Indiana Pacers coach
May 2, 2016

Last night, the Indiana Pacers season came to an end, and with it the curtain may be ready to fall on the longest coaching stint in franchise history. Frank Vogel has been the coach of the Indiana Pacers more than 100 games longer than anyone in the team’s NBA history, and he has the second best […]

Indy’s Daily Sports List – Top 10 things athletes/coaches should never do
January 29, 2016

Wednesday night, Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman cross-checked a linesman to the ice on his way to the bench.  He has since been suspended by the NHL pending an investigation. That overt violent act against a professional official brought to mind a series of things athletes and coaches should never do on and off the […]

Indy Morning Sports List – the top 10 things I love about the new Pacers
November 16, 2015

Ten games into the season, the Pacers are 6-4.  Projected over the entire season, that equates to 48-49 wins. The Pacers play the Chicago Bulls on the road tonight in what will be an early referendum on their progress in reconfiguring their roster and offensive concepts. Tweet

A Pacers Off-Season to Forget
August 9, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger As off-seasons go, the Indiana Pacers current one is about as bad as it gets for Pacers fans. The team has gone from championship contender to who knows what in the span of a couple of weeks. Whatever who knows what is, it is way below championship contender. The latest injury to […]

The Indiana Pacers Need Lance Stephenson
July 9, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger So what do the Pacers and team president Larry Bird do with Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson? It seems everyone in Indianapolis has had an opinion on this the last few days, and I have mine. I don’t see that the Pacers have much of a choice but to re-sign Lance Stephenson. I […]

Indiana Pacers – Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz and coaching great Rick Venturi talk about decision to sign Lance Stephenson
May 31, 2014

by Kent Sterling The insights of both Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz and former NFL defensive guru Rick Venturi are well-informed and processed through great deliberation, and they disagree completely about whether the Indiana Pacers should retain mercurial guard Lance Stephenson. Click here to follow Kent Sterling on Twitter In athletics, there has always been […]