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Indiana Pacers – Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz and coaching great Rick Venturi talk about decision to sign Lance Stephenson
May 31, 2014

by Kent Sterling The insights of both Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz and former NFL defensive guru Rick Venturi are well-informed and processed through great deliberation, and they disagree completely about whether the Indiana Pacers should retain mercurial guard Lance Stephenson. Click here to follow Kent Sterling on Twitter In athletics, there has always been […]

Indiana Pacers – Lance Stephenson did a lot more than blow in LeBron James ear
May 29, 2014

by Kent Sterling With the Indiana Pacers playing passive basketball on both ends of the floor in last night’s win-or-die Game Five, the Miami Heat enjoyed a 50-43 with 5:48 remaining in the third quarter.  Then, Lance Stephenson awakened. Not sure the cause, but the first sign of life was a Stephenson foul on Dwyane […]

Indiana Pacers – Lance Stephenson and Paul George learning what it takes to win
May 28, 2014

by Kent Sterling There is a reason that Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas didn’t win an NBA Championship until each turned 28. It’s the same reason LeBron James didn’t win one until he was 27, and Wilt Chamberlain won his first at 31. Winning occurs as athletic mastery and behavioral maturity intersect, and regardless of […]

Indiana Pacers – Champion Heat rise up late to take home court back in 87-83 loss
May 20, 2014

by Kent Sterling Anyone who thought the Miami Heat were just going to sit back and accept their fate as the Indiana Pacers Eastern Conference Finals punching bag grossly underestimated the two-time defending champs.  Anyone who thinks the Pacers are going to roll over after the series was tied at 1-1 insults Indiana’s resolve. The […]

Indiana Pacers – Why the Pacers will wake up and come out fighting tonight
April 22, 2014

by Kent Sterling It seems like a lifetime ago that the Indiana Pacers were NBA media darlings rolling to 16-1, 33-7, and 46-13 records.  Paul George on Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen A. Smith talking to the starting five plus Frank Vogel, and magazine covers extolling the team-first lovefest gave the Pacers the kind of adulation that […]