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Indiana Pacers – Just how important is home court advantage? Really important
April 14, 2014

by Kent Sterling The way the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat are playing as they limp toward the end of the NBA’s regular season, fans might think neither team values home court advantage through the first three rounds of the playoffs. When Miami lost Saturday night in Atlanta, and the Pacers beat the Oklahoma City […]

Indiana Pacers – Four-Game Losing Streak Will Be Meaningless in Two Months
March 10, 2014

by Kent Sterling How soon fans forget.  Sure this four game losing streak is the first in two years, but how many of you remember the end of the regular season in 2013?  It was the last time the Pacers lost five-of-six. Nothing more was wrong then than is wrong today, and they took the […]

Pacers Are a Mess After Another Humiliating Loss
March 8, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger After the Pacers’ latest humiliating performance Saturday in Houston, a 112-86 loss to the Rockets, I was left thinking this team is a mess right now. If that performance surprised you, you aren’t paying attention. I didn’t need to watch this game, though I tried to as hard as it was. I […]

Indiana Pacers Enjoying Almost Nonstop National Coverage After Loss to Miami Heat
December 19, 2013

by Kent Sterling  The heat is on for the Indiana Pacers, and it’s the kind of heat that moves tickets, merchandise, and ratings. After a decade of languishing among franchises like the Sacramento Kings, Charlotte Bobcats, and Washington Wizards, the Pacers are now in a media spotlight almost as intense as that enjoyed by the […]

Indiana Pacers – Ten Reasons Why the Pacers Can Win the NBA Champions
September 27, 2013

by Kent Sterling Before you think I’m off my meds and have developed delusions of the Indiana Pacers winning the NBA Title, read the headline carefully and notice “can” not “will” as the verb.  It would be a stretch to pick the Pacers to win the championship without seeing this group play together for a […]