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Top 10 reasons to celebrate the lifting of the live TV blackout of the Indy 500
May 25, 2016

The live local blackout of the Indianapolis 500 is stupid, and this year for the first time in 65 years, the powers that be at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway have acknowledged it. As readers of this list learned yesterday, the Indianapolis 500 is replete with arcane, nutty, and charming traditions that make it one of […]

Indianapolis 500 – Five ways to save the Greatest Spectacle in Racing
May 26, 2014

by Kent Sterling A stunningly good race, beautiful weather, and the closest thing to filled grandstands in years make a discussion about saving the Indianapolis 500 a wasteful exercise – or so the staff at 16th and Georgetown might think. Not me, not after spending a couple of previous Memorial Day weekends 230 miles away […]

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar Need Some Messaging Help
October 10, 2013

by Kent Sterling The Associated Press is really good at providing dry game recaps, and other nondescript pieces that help newspapers fill its pages with relevance.  What it rarely does is rage against a player, team, or league – until what happened at IndyCar’s Grand Prix of Houston got wedged between the APs Jenna Fryer’s […]

Indy 500 Needs a Re-Boot, a Villain, and a Leader – Mark Miles Is the Guy to Do It
June 11, 2013

by Kent Sterling [ed. note – Since posting earlier this morning, I have added an 11th necessity to the list below.] The Indianapolis 500 has not exactly been nimble in evolving forward throughout the years, and as a result there is eroding local interest and entrenched national apathy in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. Creative […]