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Both the NFL and Brady are guilty – the NFL is just a little more guilty
September 4, 2015

by Kent Sterling It’s not easy to be viewed as more arrogant than Bill Belichick, Bob Kraft, and Tom Brady.  Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL have done that, but it doesn’t make Brady innocent. I’ve read the Richard Berman decision that vacated Brady’s four-game suspension, and not once are the words exonerate, innocent, or […]

If Tom Brady had been Richard Nixon, he would have burned the tapes
July 29, 2015

by Kent Sterling Cheaters are always compared to our nation’s 37th president who resigned in disgrace after cheating throughout the 1972 presidential election process that resulted in his re-election. At first, Richard Nixon consistently denied that cheating occurred, and later that he had any knowledge of whatever cheating had been done.  Alexander Butterfield dropped the […]

New England Patriots and Robert Kraft need to man up and accept their punishment
May 19, 2015

by Kent Sterling Reports on ESPN.com suggest that the NFL and New England Patriots are involved in back channel discussions to resolve issues with Deflategate penalties.  If Roger Goodell has any authority at all over the NFL, the solution is easy for the Patriots – take your medicine or pack a lunch. Either the NFL […]

Deflategate – Patriots guilty, but should be punished by Colts – not NFL
May 7, 2015

by Kent Sterling Don’t get me wrong.  I hate the New England Patriots – a miserable organization that values winning over all else, and that’s why the NFL is constantly uncovering rule violations used by Kraft/Belichick/Brady to gain an unfair advantage. To very loosely paraphrase Dean Vernon Wormer in Animal House, “Believing that victory thru […]