Welcome to real life, Bob Kraft – Deflategate brings justice beyond his control into life of billionaire

by Kent Sterling

Rich people need to take a deep breath once in awhile and understand that life will bring frustration for them as it will for most Americans.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft enjoys a life that is 99.9% wonderful, but he continues to carp about the 0.1% that is like the rest of us.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft enjoys a life that is 99.9% wonderful, but he continues to carp about the 0.1% that is like the rest of us.

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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was mindbogglingly pious and entitled is his outrage yesterday over the penalties that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld for his fair-haired, perfect, adopted son Tom Brady, and it served as a reminder that the really rich among us simply assume that everything in the world will conform to their sense of justice – which is by definition perverted by their own largesse.

Among Kraft’s absurd and self-righteous declarations:

  • “I was wrong to put my faith in the league.”
  • “I, first and foremost, need to apologize to our fans because I truly believe what I did in May — given the actual evidence of the situation, and the league’s history on discipline matters — would make it much easier for the league to exonerate Tom Brady. Unfortunately I was wrong,”
  • “Six months removed from the AFC Championship Game, the league still has no hard evidence of anybody doing anything to tamper with the psi levels of footballs. I continue to believe and unequivocally support Tom Brady.”
  • “I’ve come to the conclusion that this was never about doing what was fair and just. Back in May, I had to make a difficult decision that I now regret.”
  • “Yesterday’s decision by commissioner Goodell was released in a similar manner, under an erroneous headline that read, ‘Tom Brady destroyed his cellphone.’ This headline was designed to capture headlines across the country and obscure evidence regarding the tampering of air pressure in footballs.
  • “It intentionally implied nefarious behavior and minimized the acknowledgement that Tom provided the history of every number he texted during that relevant time frame. We had already provided the league with every cellphone of every non-NFLPA employee that they requested, including head coach Bill Belichick.”
  • “I was willing to accept the harshest penalty in the history of the NFL for an alleged ball violation, because I believed it would help exonerate Tom.”
  • “Given the facts, evidence and laws of science that underscore this entire situation, it is completely incomprehensible to me that the league continues to take steps to disparage one of its all-time great players and a man for whom I have the utmost respect.”
  • “Personally, this is very sad and disappointing to me.”

Wow, what a steaming pile of disgruntled indignation.  The Reader’s Digest version of Kraft’s meltdown is, “Because I believe in Tom Brady’s innocence, everyone else should too.  People always seat me at the head of the table and listen to what I say while nodding vigorously in the affirmative, but this time people outside the fans in New England aren’t.

“That means the NFL and media must have conspired to manipulate facts that do not comport to my beliefs in an effort to persecute Tom Brady and thus annoy me.”

Humility does not come easily to people of incredible and outrageous means.  The universe revolves around them, and any bad that comes is always part of a conspiracy to directly cause them harm.  The good is just what life is supposed to hand them because their money says they are due all they covet.

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Well, welcome to real life, Bob.  Just because you are on top of the mountain doesn’t mean the stench from the crap that relentlessly rolls downhill won’t reach your nostrils on occasion.

Life isn’t fair for anyone, but only rich patriarchal schlubs have the temerity to blather incessantly about the very few times a business episode out of their direct control wobbles a bit and brings a little pain.

Like we needed another reason to root against the Patriots.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to real life, Bob Kraft – Deflategate brings justice beyond his control into life of billionaire

  1. Gordon Whitecotton

    This is all over a deflated football during 45-7 game in January!!! Who cares, it is the most over-blown story of all-times!! Brady is an ass, and the Colts fans are poor losers, period!!! It was 45-7!!! I can’t wait to get away from Holy-er than Thou Colt fans who have cheered for One Champion in 30 years!! Oh, by the way, this is the franchise you stole from the city of Baltimore in the middle of the night during the winter of 1985!!

    1. kentsterling Post author

      Nobody put a gun to Bob Irsay’s head and forced him to drive a Mayflower van to Indianapolis. The Colts fans did a terrible job of supporting the team, so Irsay packed for a friendlier and more lucrative town. Don’t blame Indy for Baltimore’s loss, and no one in Indianapolis believes the deflated footballs had an effect on the AFC Championship Game. What Deflategate shows – again – is that the Patriots will do anything to gain an advantage. The deflated balls weren’t necessarily about Brady, but since the rules were changed to allow teams to prepare their own balls, the incidents of Patriots fumbles have dropped beyond reason.


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