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NFL imposes silly and ineffective penalty against the cheating Patriots
June 29, 2020

Clearly, the New England Patriots have not learned their lesson.  Another scandal has led to another penalty that validates the risks they routinely take to gain an unfair advantage. This time the Patriots sent a video crew to Cleveland last December 8th to record the sidelines work of the Bengals a week ahead of their game in Cincinnati. […]

Deflated Footballs Not About a Game, It’s About Integrity of the Game.
January 22, 2015

by Bert Beiswanger Let’s make one thing clear: No one blames the Indianapolis Colts throttling at the hands of the New England Patriots on deflated footballs. Most Colts fans and Indy media are more concerned with with coaching/personnel/in-ability to make adjustments – any adjustment – that led to the embarrassment of a conference title game. […]

Mike Tomlin and Jason Kidd Embarrass Crooks with Their Costly Antics
December 4, 2013

by Kent Sterling Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd are embarrassments to the world of the corrupt and amoral. Tomlin wandered across the sidelines on to the field of play into the path of Baltimore Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones, whose route to the end zone was altered.  A tackler […]