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Cubs need to stand pat at the trade deadline, then get busy in the offseason
July 29, 2019

The Cubs have a decision.  Exercise patience, hoping the team magically finds the exuberance that made them so much fun to watch from 2015 to 2017, or sell some parts to restock a depleted farm system. The trade deadline is two days away and president Theo Epstein could try to find a piece of two […]

Cubs send Addison Russell to Iowa because talent without discipline will always fail
July 25, 2019

People who make bad decisions – or exhibit a lack of behavioral control – in one area will likely make them in others. Such is the case with Cubs second baseman Addison Russell, who was accused in social media posts by his ex-wife of general idiocy that included physical abuse and emotional terror.  Russell was suspended […]

Theo Epstein makes a mistake everyday Addison Russell is employed by the Chicago Cubs
April 30, 2019

Addison Russell terrorized at least two women, and so he was suspended for 40 games.  That suspension will end later this week, and he will be eligible to return to the Chicago Cubs. Fans are split on Russell’s return.  Some want him to be welcomed back because “everyone deserves a second chance.”  Others believe that […]