‘Slick’ Leonard Has Heart Attack – Mark Boyle Talks About Their Work Together

by Kent Sterling

There are some guys we wish could go on forever living life on their terms, and then the body relents and reminds us that it’s not built more much more than a half century of fun and mayhem.  I doubt there are 50 people in the world who have had more fun than former IU great, Pacers coach, and radio analyst Bob ‘Slick’ Leonard.

The owner of the tab for that fun required a partial payment yesterday.

Slick is 78, and has made only passing accommodations to the requirements a body that age makes on its owner, and so he had a heart attack yesterday after the Pacers beat the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.  He had two stents implanted shortly thereafter, and is resting comfortably.

No one lives in Indianapolis long before they hear their first Slick story, and it’s not much longer before people have one of their own.  He’s a larger than life character who is always friendly and gracious.

I talked to Mark Boyle last week to get his thoughts on doing his 2,000th game as the franchise’s radio voice, and he spoke about the working relationship he and Slick have.

Mark and Slick have been together since the 1993-1994 playoffs, and their partnership has consistently entertained and informed fans since.

God’s speed for a quick recovery, Slick.

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