Voice of the Indiana Pacers Mark Boyle Talks About His Role with the Team and His Preparation for a Broadcast

by Kent Sterling

Mark Boyle is one of the best radio play-by-play voices in professional and college sports, and he is relentless and disciplined in how he works at his craft.  The word ‘craft’ is probably a little to high-handed for Mark to accept as a description of what he does, but it is just that.

Conveying not just the activity on the court, but painting the picture of the emotion and excitement in the arena is part of the job too, and Mark excels at bringing the arena into the homes and cars of fans.

On March 30th, Mark will call his 2,000th game as the radio voice of the Indiana Pacers, and he will describe that game with the same energy, detail, and erudition he used in the first 1,999 to become an NBA institution and one of the very best there has been in a very competitive business.

There are very few men who do what Mark does at the level he does it.  There are roughly 200 men and women (mostly men) who make a handsome living as the play-by-play voice for a professional or big-time college team, and today Mark gives us a look at how he does this jobs that thousands dream of one day having.

2 thoughts on “Voice of the Indiana Pacers Mark Boyle Talks About His Role with the Team and His Preparation for a Broadcast

  1. Neil

    I wonder what he thought of the “return” game where just out of thin air Michael Jordan decides to come back with very little notice. I was at home but I had a friend that lived downtown who after learning that Jordan was coming back raced down to Market Square Arena and got a ticket. I’m sure he had to remember that game. The Orlando game he refers to, I was there. It reminded me more of a high school game after the end. People were jumping and shouting and literally ran out of the building and into the streets with the enthusiasm you rarely see at pro games. It was tremendous seeing us outdo the “Shaq” that year anyway. Michael Buffer was there too and indeed we did RUMBLE!

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