“Ahead of the Curve” Keeps Getting Better with Solomon Hill and Jordan Hulls joining Hagan & Sterling

UnknownThe work in putting together “Ahead of the Curve” never stops.  The shows immense popularity is a credit to the work done to prepare each segment for ultimate listener satisfaction and glee.

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Okay, it’s a radio show you listen to when you are in the car running errands or taking the kids to tournaments or practices, but while it won’t cure cancer, it is a fun and informative diversion from real life.  At least that’s the effort.

Today, “Ahead of the Curve” welcomes former Indiana guard Jordan Hulls and Pacers first-round pick Solomon Hill.

There are people who think the Pacers overreached, but I like this pick a lot.  Hill is versatile, defends well, and has a great attitude.  The Pacers weren’t looking for an immediate impact player – they want a worker who can come in off the bench at multiple spots, can shoot it a little bit, and will work hard in practice.  Listen at 12:30p to hear from a guy who brings his lunch pail to the gym everyday.

Jordan Hulls is one of the best stories in Indiana Basketball history.  All he has ever done is succeed.  Mr. Basketball in 2009, he led Bloomington South to a state championship his senior year, came to IU at a time when the program was down, and led the Hoosiers to its first stand alone regular season Big Ten title in 20 years.

Tune in to 1070 AM if you are in central Indiana, or listen to the stream on 1070thefan.com.

As always, I can’t wait for 11 o’clock.

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