Greatest all-time “Ahead of the Curve” on tap today at 11a with Hagan & Sterling

by Kent Sterling

hagan_sterling_235When Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals is tonight, the Indy 500 is tomorrow, and Colts owner Jim Irsay was charged with two misdemeanors yesterday, hosting a sportstalk show like sitting in a sports bar having a conversation.

That is the good fortune of Fox 59 sports director Chris Hagan and I this morning at 11a on 1070 the Fan, 107.5 FM, and

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When people on the street are talking about what we are talking about, that is called being relevant.  Not sure everyone in sportstalk radio gets that, but on a day like this talking about what others care about is shooting fish in a barrel (which seems like a cruel thing to do for such an oft-used phrase).

The Pacers are ready for Game Three tonight at 8:30p.  Paul George has been cleared to play despite wearing a red penny (one of those little mesh tank tops that they pass out in gym class to tell one team from another) in yesterday’s practice.  In this case it was to remind teammates during practice that George was not to be touched.  No sense jostling is already slightly bruised brain.  You’ll hear from George today.

George Hill is ready to go too, and you hear a one-on-one with him.  When Hill is aggressive, the Pacers play well, so we’ll ask whether he gives that any thought as he is playing or whether he simply allows the game to happen.

If you ever wondered what Rasual Butler sounds like, today is your lucky day.  His career was on the scrap heap last year, but he kept fighting, and found his way into meaningful minutes during the Eastern Conference Finals.  Butler will talk about what surprised him about the D-league and summer league experience, and you will understand why pro athletes should stay off of social media.

The Indy 500 is tomorrow, and Chris has been out at the track all week spending time with the drivers.  We’ll talk plenty of racing, and the 500 Festival Parade starts at 12p, so maybe we’ll catch some of the drivers as they are winding their way through Indianapolis.  We’ll also talk to parade veteran Ruth Buzzi!  Not really, but I always enjoy busting Ruthy’s chops over her gig in the parade.  She hasn’t been on a Dean Martin Roast or Laugh-In in 40 years, and no one under the age of 45 knows who in the hell she is but every year she waves to increasingly confused parade attendees.

Irsay was charged yesterday in Hamilton with two misdemeanor counts related to his OWI arrest March 16th, but the punishment for his poor decision making is not over.  The NFL is surely not eager to be accused of a double-standard regarding its treatment of rich white guys versus African-American athletes like Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon.

Chris and I need four hours to give all of these topics their just due, but we’ll do all we can to make this the best two hours of our week.  Hope you join us.

Can’t wait!

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